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Bipolar Nation

If you didn’t see ABC’s Wife Swap! on March 2, here’s what you missed: Powderhorn Park peacenik Mina Leierwood gingerly examines the contents of “Fort Patrick,” the Louisville, Kentucky, home she’s to live in for two weeks with a family of strangers. Cheri Patrick, the usual lady of the house, is a retired Air Force […]

James McManus

Every Saturday, James McManus’ poker column appears in the New York Times. An odd gig, if you can get it–and even ten years ago, McManus, a novelist and teacher, would have been completely unqualified. However, in 1999 Harper’s magazine hired him to write about the World Series of Poker, and thus began his obsession with […]

Let my People Go

Regarding “Animal House” [The Rakish Angle, April]: All animals in the entertainment industry suffer; it does not matter if they live at the Como Zoo or are shuttled around the country performing for the circus. No zoo anywhere can mimic the habitat in the wild for captured creatures and I do not agree with the […]

Going Wilde

I have to admit, when Wilde Roast Cafe first opened its doors back in 2004, I was a little underwhelmed. It was, for one thing, hidden — at the tail end of the "working" segment of East Hennepin, and turned sideways so it was hard to spot. Inside, it was quaint and roomy, with a […]

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