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Someone put a food curse on my house. I cooked like crap last week … Nothing lived up to expectation, mistakes were made at every turn, I threw my knife more than once into the wooden chopping block. Maybe it started with the Osso Buco my husband attempted last weekend. He had been craving the […]

July , 2008: It's Been A Hard Holiday Weekend's Night

The Three-Pointer: T-Minus Ten Games to Go

Regular Season Game #72, Home Game #35: Miami 92, Minnesota 77 1. The Fab Five Strike Again The Timberwolves were being blown off the court by the supposedly aged Miami Heat. In the space of 67 whirlwind seconds, the Heat had stolen passes, leaked out on Minnesota’s missed shots, and just generally hustled themselves into […]

Another Word For Love

God says if you love me you will make me Beef Wellington. Even though you are a vegetarian. We will go bow hunting for angels. Aim for the heart, even though they do not have hearts. They are most vulnerable when they are playing the harp. I hate harps. They keep me up when I […]

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