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Pat’s Baby

I found it very interesting that your July article was promoting Pat Awada for sainthood [“Is This Woman Ruining Our State?,” July], not mentioning any lasting effects about what her plan on reducing aid to the cities would do to the Metropolitan area. Your August article on the cuts to the Minneapolis fire department did […]

What I Saw on My Summer Vacation

In celebration of thirty years of my wife’s profound ability to tolerate me, we went to France for ten days last month. We did the things we usually do when we go to interesting places. We got a very small and inexpensive hotel room (under the theory that we’re never there anyway) and spent all […]

Locally Grown, Year-round

Enterprising chef Lenny Russo, back at his Heartland Midwestern Restaurant after a stint at Cue, is working with the Saint Paul Growers Association to create a new retail store and distribution center next door to the Lowertown Farmers Market. The retail store will feature locally grown foods — fresh, canned, or frozen — year-round, while […]

The Three Pointer: The Last, Best Weekend

AP Photo by Nikki Boertman Game #79, Road Game #39: Minnesota 102, Orlando 101 Game #80, Road Game #40, Minnesota 114, Memphis 105 Season Record: 21-59 1. Wanting It More It does not significantly diminish the two wins posted this weekend by the Timberwolves by pointing out that neither Orlando nor Memphis bothered to be […]

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