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Webbed Feet

One of the problems with reading the news online is that it’s more difficult to effectively browse a newspaper’s content. Aside from the odd phenomena of online editors screwing with headlines and decks to make them shorter or hipper or whatever it is they’re trying to do, a web page just doesn’t offer the same […]

Rent, By Jonathan Larson

It was a surprisingly radical idea in 1996 to stage a full-scale Broadway musical that infused show tunes with rock and R&B, and at the same time dealt head-on with AIDS, drug addiction, and homelessness. It’s safe to say that the risk paid off. Jonathan Larson’s high-spirited, gritty look at life among New York’s young […]

Just Another Day in America

"Man Opens Fire at Omaha Mall, Killing 8" — this is the way we express outrage now. No protests. No marches. No picket lines. No petitions. No vigils. No. Now we simply pull out the big guns. "Gunman Kills 8 People, Then Himself at a Mall in Omaha" — this is the way we end […]

Oh, My Aching Cat!

A lot of the house pets that arrive at Morningstar Healing Arts are like aging athletes with sports injuries. They come in limping after chasing a rabbit to the end of their tethered leashes, or suffering hip dysplasia and joint malfunction from jumping in and out of cars and climbing on and off furniture. “Ergonomically, […]

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