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Fashion Guide to Art-A-Whirl

It’s not that I lack a soft-spot for watercolors. But when a girl’s got a teensy budget to mind, such as I do, that bit of cash seems so much better directed when spent on … well, let’s just call it wearable art, for politics sake. (I’m all for supporting those NE Artists!) Far as […]

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, B-Sides and Rarities

Those darling DJs at the Current have been playing Nick Cave’s profane-to-profound music with such enthusiasm you’d think we’re in Australia, where he’s achieved elder statesman status among alt rockers. Hearing the dark-side crooner so often reminds us of what we like about him–his brooding intensity, his amazing gift for melody, his throwback lyrical style–but […]

Fair Play

At the State Fair, conscientious mothers frequently warn against the Midway because “Dangerous people hang out there.” Who are they afraid of? In a word, carnies. Last year, Sheila brought her 10-year-old son Ivan, who couldn’t wait to hit the Midway. She begged him to go to the Poultry Barn first, to look at the […]

Dark Side Of The Moon

Dead, the slender bug astonished with its complexity of sprung parts and the volume of its viscosity, the evidence of a supreme and comically-mad engineer’s attention to detail. One of God’s little basement projects. The poor little dude. What did this skittering mystery hope to find on the other side of the room? Perhaps the […]

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