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Landmarc Grill

The old curmudgeon is at it again. Michael Morse, crusty former owner of the late, lamented Café Un Deux Trois and a schmoozer extraordinaire, now presides over the Landmarc Grill in the Normandy Inn and Suites in downtown Minneapolis. It’s the kind of comfort-food joint that Morse has talked about opening for years, serving roast […]

Reading This Post is Not Really Reading

On the front page of yesterday’s New York Times is an article by Motoko Rich titled, "Literacy Debate: Online, R U Really Reading?" It’s the first in a series that will explore "how the Internet and other technological and social forces are changing the way people read." This installment focuses on the somewhat new debate […]

Jane Smiley

Considering her Pulitzer for A Thousand Acres, a deft recasting of Shakespeare’s King Lear in the cornfields of Iowa, Jane Smiley knows very well how to spin good fiction from the human capacity for self-delusion and hubris. She attacks that theme from another angle in Good Faith (due in paperback May 11), in which greed, […]

The Future of the Past

Everyone ponders the future. Whether it’s five minutes from now or five million years from now, it is bound to creep up in some form or another. Stanley Kubrick reinvented what it means to be a filmmaker in 1968 with the design of a fictional world in the year 2001 that questions the mysteries of […]

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