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Got Bud’s Back

Your comments in “Sippin’ Suds at the Single-Wide” hurt the three men who own Kappus Bud’s Place. Here are people who pay their own bills, don’t live on welfare, and provide a service to the area. Yes, Bud’s Place is unique and maybe the bartender didn’t look you in the eye, but maybe he sensed […]

A.S. Byatt

Let’s face it. One reason you like Byatt is because she’s so formidably smart, so unafraid to indulge her knowledge (or curiosity), that she makes you feel smart. Well, even if you won’t cop to that, we will. “The Stone Woman,” from her new collection, The Little Black Book of Stories (available April 20) had […]

The Fiberglass Rooster Mystery

Weldon Johnson underwent a triple bypass on April 1. Twenty days later, his rooster was gone. “It sure didn’t help his recovery any,” said his daughter, Colleen Johnson, when The Rake discussed the incident with her. Mr. Johnson first installed the nine-foot fiberglass rooster in front of his Two Harbors gift shop in 1965. Prior […]

Kings Row

“Where’s the rest of me?” cries the newly amputated Drake McHugh, which was easily Ronald Reagan’s finest performance (that is if you don’t count those sixteen years he spent as a figurehead for California and the U.S.). Based on a scandalous potboiler, Kings Row is the story of “the town they talk about in whispers.” […]

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