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Par to Staff — "We," "Our," "Us."

Strib Publisher Par Ridder confirmed the four-out-of-a-possible-five block real estate sale to the Vikings with the following memo. Do note all the fraternally united, brothers-in-arms “team” verbiage; “we,” “our,” “us.” . . . Our real estate deal with the Vikings by Par Ridder, Publisher and CEO June 20, 2007 – “It’s official. We have a […]

Words Before Music

Climbing aboard a stool plucked from the 7th Street Entry’s barroom, local poet Éireann Lorsung offered a self-introduction. “I don’t know if you’ll believe this, but I’ve never opened for a band before.” Peering through a red fog of stage light at a small but enthusiastic crowd, the prim and somewhat elfin-looking twenty-six-year-old added, “I’ve […]


Free news from New York and great $9 wine!!

C’mon, isn’t this every over-educated, artsy, navel-gazing intellectual’s dream? Well, I know it’s mine. First, the New York Times announced on Monday it would stop charging for certain “select” (read: everything with wit, context, opinion, or Thomas Friedman’s byline) articles. And today, they not only run a terrific piece on the legendary Alice Waters, there’s […]

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