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Looking California, Feeling Minnesota

When reading your article on Ken Pentel, the Green Party candidate for governor [“It Ain’t Easy Being Green,” September], I felt a deep sense of envy and awe for Minnesotans. Out here in California, we don’t have public policies which encourage desperately needed third parties to participate in government. Third-party candidates in California don’t have […]

In Vino Veritas

Take a piece of paper and write on one side: “The statement on the other side of this page is untrue.” Then turn the piece of paper over and write the same thing on the other side. Then apply for a tenure-track position in a university philosophy department, where they will tell you that this […]

Functional Sculpture: Furniture from the Upper Midwest

When IKEA opened here a couple of years ago, critic Glenn Gordon contributed a fine piece to this magazine that carefully and wittily assessed the design quality and craftsmanship of the Swedish behemoth’s furniture. Now Gordon has put together (with co-curator Laurel Bradley) his own showroom of sorts, with furniture makers, sculptors, and industrial designers […]

Janis Hardy

It’s awfully tempting to be a diva when you’re born with such a sweet soprano. But the Twin Citizen Janis Hardy has managed to become a key opera export with minimal incidence of temper tantrums. She regularly takes her pipes on the road, performing with the Houston Grand Opera, the San Francisco Opera, the Boston […]

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