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Multi-hued Avenue

It’s hard to tell for sure, but the trend may have started with bright tangerine five years ago. That’s the color that the then-newly arrived owners of Two 12 Pottery, a potters’ studio-cum-gift-shop, painted their building on Northeast’s Thirteenth Avenue. Since then, art and color have swept into Minneapolis’s old Polish quarter: storefronts along this […]

“Summer Music & Movies: A Bit Wilder”

What better way to spend your Monday nights than in the dark with Billy Wilder? This summer’s Walker Art Center-run outdoor series gives due props to the Austrian expatriate, who died in March leaving behind one of Hollywood’s richest legacies. The six films here barely scratch the surface of his filmography. Besides familiar classics Some […]

Another Plug for Eloquent Nude

Eloquent Nude: The Love and Legacy of Edward Weston and Charis Wilson is a remarkably resourceful hour-long documentary of the great photographer’s greatest love and the work they inspired in each other. Ms. Wilson, now 93, is candid in her remembrances and the reenactment work of their travels with the likes of Ansel Adams is […]

The Tea Lady

If you were casting the role of Tea Lady, you might choose a soft woman with a doughy nature. Maybe you’d pick a spinster who has a serious passion for bone china and a pension for plushy chairs and quiet nights by the fire. Maybe she has cats, lots of cats. Mrs. Kelly of Mrs. […]

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