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JP: Even Better Than You Remember

For a long time, whenever people asked me to recommend a restaurant — not by food critic standards, but a personal favorite — I immediately told them to go to jP American Bistro. Why? It was everything: the simple, clean decor; the mid-priced menu with absolutely drop-dead beautiful, satisfying perfectly-proportioned dishes; the crack staff that […]

Sunglasses so geek-chic

In July 2006 The Rake published an excellent essay by my good friend Peter Schilling in which he enthused about his SolarShield Fits-Overs – these, in essence, are some cheap and ugly-ass sunglasses that fit right over existing eyewear. Well, Mr. Schilling wrote today to inform he’s not the only male, Minneapolis-based media figure rocking […]


Last fall, in conjunction with that music issue we did, there was an Up The Charts poll on our website which asked: Who is your all time favorite Minnesota band/musician? Well, weren’t we surprised to see Tina and the B-Sides fans come out in full-force, taking away top honors. (This was probably due to an […]

If I Were A Readers' Rep …

Being a fellow of modest dreams some days all I want to be is the Readers’ Representative for a big city newspaper, like the Star Tribune. If my dream came true I’d write something like this: . . . Hi, everyone. By now you’ve probably heard of big changes at this paper you’re reading. It […]

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