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Bruce Tapola: Paintings for Germans, Sculpture for Snobs

If you’re going to be in Rochester for your annual colonoscopy, brighten the occasion with a trip to the Rochester Art Center to see the always interesting work of Bruce Tapola, Minnesota’s most famous somewhat-obscure artist. Venues ranging from esteemed institutes of art (in Milwaukee and Minneapolis) to a rented U-Haul parked in front of […]

“A Small Half-Domesticated Polecat”

It’s a beautiful spring afternoon and there’s a costume contest going on at Eagles Aerie Number 33 on St. Paul’s East Side. The contestants—an Indian, a bride, a hillbilly, and a witch—are decked out in gorgeous homemade finery. Their handlers hover nervously, while judges with clipboards move in for a closer look. My personal favorite […]

Who Killed the Electric Car?

This film proves what many of us have long heard as apocryphal rumor: The “automobile of the future”—the one that could slow the destruction of the ozone layer and temper the tensions between oil-producing and -consuming nations—actually did exist, right in the U.S. In the 90s, General Motors created the EV-1, a fast, efficient electric […]

Zenon Dance Company's Spring Concert

Marsha Palmer just so happens to be joined at the hip with Jeremy Walker. What’s interesting about this is that Palmer is Zenon Dance Company’s managing director, and local jazz impresario Walker is best known as proprietor of the dearly departed Brilliant Corners; their own relationship facilitated an otherwise unlikely union between Zenon’s hoofers and […]

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