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Phantom sighting

Like Harry Potter — OK, not quite like Harry Potter — but in the same vein: the release of Bogle Vineyards Phantom is an event which hordes of fans await. We’ve even been known to line up outside stores, credit cards at the ready, and rush in to buy cases of the thick, red, potent […]

A Scanner Darkly

What do you get when you pair director Richard Linklater with the work of writer Philip K. Dick? A paranoid sci-fi vehicle that could have been called Dazed and Confused 2. Using the much-heralded “interpolated rotoscoping” (which involves doing animation over live-action footage), A Scanner Darkly is the strange story of Fred, a drug dealer […]

The Pixies, The Strokes

This is why we need to spend more time online. Here are two of the most exciting rock shows of the year, and both sold out within microseconds, thanks to Internet ticketing and fan-club Web connections. Though some might complain that the Strokes’ sophomore Room On Fire is a carbon-copy of the debut that got […]

Andy Cilek Thinks You’re an Idiot

Last year, instant runoff voting was approved by an overwhelming majority of Minneapolis residents. 65 percent of voters, to be exact. Given that it’s difficult to find 65 percent of people to agree with something as uncontroversial as whether Britney Spears’ contributions to the gene pool violate environmental protection statutes and constitute illegal dumping, a […]

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