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Advice to a Blogger on Barnes

This from a Stribber on today’s Barnes-for-Gyllenhaal announcement. Barnes … “1) is the first woman ever named to the executive editor post at the Star Tribune 2) leapfrogged over Gillespie — which is a big blow to Scott, a great guy — but in fact that follows a pattern around here of managing editors not […]

Enlightened Self-Interest

In life, where you stand very often depends on where you sit. And when it comes to the police, I have usually taken the stand that they have to be monitored very closely, especially when it come to relationships with black and brown people. I have a lot of personal and collective history that bred […]

Augustus F. Sherman: Ellis Island Portraits, 1905 – 1920

A revealing and fascinating set of images snapped by an untrained eye have been making the rounds through museums around the country and finally makes a stop at the Minnesota History Center starting July 4. "Augustus F. Sherman: Ellis Island Portraits, 1905 – 1920", a photographic series of newly arrived immigrants taken by an Ellis […]

The Postmodern Itinerant

Mark Backman is an infuriatingly calm 25-year-old whose life has direction, financial stability, and purpose. Yet he has no home, nor does he have any idea where he’s going to be next February. His line of work can be dangerous and frequently takes him to distant states and lands. He embarks on fascinating adventures and […]

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