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Looking California, Feeling Minnesota

When reading your article on Ken Pentel, the Green Party candidate for governor [“It Ain’t Easy Being Green,” September], I felt a deep sense of envy and awe for Minnesotans. Out here in California, we don’t have public policies which encourage desperately needed third parties to participate in government. Third-party candidates in California don’t have […]


Two things of note this cold, Monday evening: One, another discussion about the making of The Grapes of Wrath, this one moderated by Star Tribune book editor, Sally Williams; two, Matt Wilson’s Arts and Crafts (not to be confused with Minnesota’s very own M.W.–this is a different fella), which plays the Dakota.

2004 American Pottery Festival

A celebration of the beauty and usefulness of pots, as well as a chance for art lovers and art creators to come together and exchange ideas and techniques. The festival will include exhibits and sales of pots by twenty-five guest artists from all over the country, as well as demonstrations, studio tours, and artist talks. […]

Marco! Polo!

Fill a public swimming pool with kids on any of the scorching days to come, and sooner or later someone’s going to shout, “Marco!” Several others will shout, “Polo!” and in the summer heat, this vexing water game is reborn. The person shouting “Marco” is “it,” and must tag one of the “Polos.” It’s tricky […]

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