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Slow Dazzle: Living Outside Of Words

Disappointed in love and broken at forty she married a small town in Ohio it made no brash promises whispered nothing sweeter in her ear than good morning good afternoon good evening good night my dear good night my darling good night my dear in the morning I’ll still be here

“I Make My Own Gas!”

Most Americans depend on faraway countries for their fuel; Paul Michalke depends on Quang Deli in Minneapolis. Michalke, a cheery and energetic man who publishes trade-show directories, siphons used cooking oil from a dumpster in the alley behind Quang’s, a popular Vietnamese restaurant on Nicollet Avenue. Later, in his garage in South Minneapolis, he converts […]

Eric Inkala's "Overflow: A Pleasure Trip"

Eric Inkala‘s no fool. After a good run of years of painting his coloristic, hazy-dazy, arabesque, Little-Engine-that-Could-meets-Pacman murals (this guy is a tagger of the most whimsical sort) on walls around town, Inkala’s finally been hit by the legitimacy bug. That is, in the manner of graffiti artists gone legit–like Keith Haring in the 1980s […]

Ben Garthus & Greg Priglmeier

Life is no movie. We have no soundtrack. (Ok. Sometimes we do.) But we sure have plenty of background noise — background noise and visual noise, which somehow play off each other in a most fascinating way. Local artists Ben Garthus and Greg Priglmeier have joined forces to bring us Background Noise, an attempt to […]

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