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Breaking 2nd Wind

“Why buy new when slightly used will do? EXCEPT when the deals are this good!” Dick Enrico’s catchy slogan has been confusing potential buyers of secondhand (new?) exercise equipment for years. Now he turns his copywriting skills to the classics! William Shakespeare: To be or not to be. That is the question. Except when the […]

From The Ruins

There will come a day, mark my words, when every conceivable disappointment will meet in a giant hangar somewhere in Kansas. Every dashed dream and broken heart from all over America will converge there on the edge of some dusty little town to awkwardly mingle and avoid eye contact. Just as in Vegas, in the […]

The Three Pointer: Giving One Away

AP Photo by Paul Battaglia  Game #73, Home Game #38: Detroit 94, Minnesota 90 Season Record: 19-54 1. A Rough Night For Foye There is more than one goat in a game where the Wolves blew a 21-point lead and wilted down the stretch against a Detroit Pistons team resting arguably their top three starters–Chauncey […]

Revision, Reiteration, Recombination: Process and the Contemporary Print

Printmaking has a history as a medium that renowned painters and sculptors turn to when they want to experiment; locally, our own Highpoint Center for Printmaking and the erstwhile Vermillion Editions have hosted artists from around the world as they explored etching, monotyping, and lithography. This show is curated by Leslie Wayne, a New York […]

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