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D’Amico’s contemporary Mexican eatery is set in an airy, modern space that puts the focus on the vibrant ingredients, bright flavors, and artful culinary constructions. Masa’s guacamole is a beautifully rough mash of fresh avocados, citrus, and spice. The pozole verde is a silky, light stew of chicken and hominy that comes with lime, onion, […]

The Triangle Factory Fire Project

The Minnesota Jewish Theater Company ends a strong 2007-2008 season with another regional premiere. The Triangle Factory Fire Project — directed by Carolyn Levy— tells the story of a fatal fire in the Triangle Waist Factory, in 1911, that took 146 lives.  Author Christopher Piehler (in collaboration with Scott Alan Evans) offers a play-by-play of […]

Death To Smoochy

That glimmer of hope you see on the springtime motion picture horizon could be the return of Robin Williams from his teeth-hurting escapades as Sad Clown of the 90s. Patch Adams, Jakob the Liar, and Bicentennial Man—a cinematic trifecta from Hell. We are thankful Mr. Williams appears to be seeking redemption. In January, the Sundance […]

Vulcanized Rubber

I’ve been meaning for awhile to write a bit about the Minnesota Wild, and how nice it is to have the NHL back this season. Well, not nice exactly. Just another demand on my time, actually, but at least there is TiVo. I wrote last year that there were no truly great hockey writers on […]

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