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Uncle Jumbo's Playground

–Illustration by James Dankert The things a guy will do for a free burrito. It’s humiliating, but a deal’s a deal, even when it’s not much of a deal. A couple weeks ago I insisted I wouldn’t write a damn word until the Twins clawed their way to .500. When it became apparent that that […]

Great Deals, Great Reads, Great Outdoors

First things first: Today is the final day of the Summer Sidewalk Sale at Calhoun Square, so go get great bargains on shoes, kitchenware, luggage, jewelry, and accessories from their fine stores. Hennepin and Lake St., Minneapolis. THEATER READING Sparkle, Serena! Be among the first to get a glimpse of Christopher Harmon and Doug Klozzner’s […]

Investigating Accidents On Stage

Everywhere Signs Fallis about a brother and sister who travel around the country investigatingaccidents. They interview and record people who have experienced accidents thathave changed them somehow, then they pack up and head to the next town. Whenthe play begins, we see Juliet and Jeremy interviewing a down-on-his-luckbartender in a hot, seedy motel room in […]

Life & Style in the Twin Cities

Under the shadow of the I-35W bridge collapse — but totally unrelated — came the launch of a new website, Minneapolis Picks — your total shopping guide. Don’t be misled by the shopping reference, though; this isn’t just trendy tops and shoes. The site covers everything from independent stores, to restaurants and services, events, and […]

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