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Jawaahir Dance Company’s Voice of Egypt: Um Kalthoum

Just when we’re realizing that our knowledge of the Middle East has grown far too reliant on CNN—thankfully, along comes Jawaahir’s summer show, devoted to the Arab world’s most popular diva, Um Kalthoum. We’ll take a stab at explaining her significance by saying that during the fifties and sixties, she was to Egypt and indigenous […]

What Journalism Can Be

I wrote a post last week about the NY Times coming in to Minnesota and snatching a significant story about Minnesota doctors accepting money from drug companies…and then showing a greater propensity for prescribing those drugs to children. It was useful to me at the time for pointing out how lame our local gang over […]

Robert Stone

If you’re a fan of Robert Stone’s, but always found him a bit too long in the reading, know that his most recent novel, Bay of Souls, is his shortest. That doesn’t mean it’ll be any less dense than, say, A Flag for Sunrise or Damascus Gate. In fact, Stone is one of those writers […]

July 3, 2008: Cool Air in, Lights Out

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