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Come on! We're Talking Sid Hartman!

The mice were snickering Monday. Within the Star Tribune there was much chatter about Kate Parry v. Sid Hartman, Round Two. Or is it three? Or four? Maybe you caught Parry’s ombudsman column Sunday criticizing Hartman — Sid Friggin’ Hartman! — for appearing in an ad for Sun Country airlines, (with Ex-KSTP sports anchor, Joe […]

Robert Stone

If you’re a fan of Robert Stone’s, but always found him a bit too long in the reading, know that his most recent novel, Bay of Souls, is his shortest. That doesn’t mean it’ll be any less dense than, say, A Flag for Sunrise or Damascus Gate. In fact, Stone is one of those writers […]

Forgive and Forget

It’s astonishing. Every spring, round about May Day, the world remembers to wake up. After months of cold and barren winter, the ground softens, the sun rises a little higher, the grass greens, the crotch-rockets line up around Lake Calhoun, and we’re back on our way—resurrected and ready to join the parade. The Midwestern memory […]

Running Amok

There’s ice on the banks of the Mississippi, a fact I might have put to good use if I’d noticed earlier. As it is, I’m halfway across—and neck-deep in—a backwater somewhere near Fort Snelling. I can only hope these are the last few steps of a run organized by the Minneapolis Hash House Harriers. The […]

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