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The Headless Bison Calf: An Archaeological Mystery

We first met about six years ago in a basement lab. I was a young archaeologist with a short attention span. The bison calf was in an old cardboard box, just bones now, and had been there for decades. If the calf was born alive, its very brief life was spent on the prairies of […]

Fear Factory

American solipsism is a funny thing. Each of us tends to believe two contradictory destinies await us: On the one hand, incredible luck and wealth will eventually be ours. On the other hand, violent tragedy is one terrorist strike away. This is the American Dream gone to seed and become a psychosis.We each believe we […]

Minnesota Renaissance Festival

Arm thy wallet with cash and thy chariot with a full tank of gas, for the Minnesota Renaissance Festival is in full regalia once again in its 30th anniversary of entertainment. Twelve stages with everything from the traditional fairy tale of Cinderella told in spoonerisms from the Tory Steller, to a full-contact Armored Joust. You’ll […]

“This is it, baby”

The character of a city is largely shaped by the extent to which it can nurture grand and modest dreams in equal proportion. Everybody, of course, has their own notion regarding what constitutes a grand or modest dream. But to be truly interesting places, a city’s neighborhoods need small businesses that manage to conflate both […]

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