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Wine, wine, wine! Dreams and Responsibilities

I hope you are enjoying the new Harry Potter. Such a wealth of invention. And so witty. No profound psychological penetration, I suppose, but who ever expected that in a school story or a murder mystery? J.K. Rowling may not be Jane Austen, but then neither is Dorothy Sayers (who made the error of falling […]

March 25, 2008: Dude Weather Mailbag

April 2, 2008: Dutch – 37, Winter – 0

Indigo Girls

The late-80s bloom of radio-friendly female folkies came and went, as did the Lilith Fair phenomenon. But the Atlanta duo of Emily Saliers and Amy Ray hasn’t faded away. Their gift for hook-laden harmonies is part of the reason, but most of the credit for the Girls’ longevity is due to the fact that they’re […]

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