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Bill Frisell's New Quartet

The music by this experimental jazz guitarist is so phenomenally prodigious that we’d be sick of it by now, if Frisell didn’t keep reinventing himself. He’s played with John Zorn’s jazz punk band Naked City, recorded a series of meditations on American folk standards, paid homage to Malian blues, and covered pop and rock artists […]

The Three Tenors

It’s admirable that the collaboration between these three giants of the opera world has lasted so long, not to mention a good thing for popular music in general. When Placido Domingo, Luciano Pavarotti, and Jose Carreras first got together 12 years ago, the unexpected appearance of a supergroup of opera was such an artistic and […]

Beer, Brats, and The Government Inspector

SPECIAL EVENTBeer, Brats and Bribery What’s better than sitting in the shade of the modern marvel that is the Guthrie Theater while enjoying a picturesque view of the mighty Mississip, a juicy gourmet brat and an ice cold Summit beer? Not much, say I! The last patio party I went to at the Guthrie was […]

C.J. Hribal

Wisconsin writer C.J. Hribal explores post-World War II America through the activities of one family in his new novel, The Company Car. The story begins in 1952, with a couple getting married on It’s Your Wedding, a television show in Chicago. As the next fifty years unfold, they get taken for a ride by forces […]

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