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Andrew Wilson, Beautiful Shadow—A Life of Patricia Highsmith

Best known for the Hitchcock-filmed Strangers on a Train and her series of books about psychotic aesthete Tom Ripley, Patricia Highsmith was motivated by a muse of bitterness, amorality, and disgust—not necessarily a bad thing for a crime novelist. She died mostly forgotten in 1995, but a full-on revival is ongoing with this her most […]

Children’s Home Society 13th Annual Polo Classic

Sometimes we’re struck by the realization that most of the world’s problems would be solved if we simply paid attention to the right people. Children’s Home Society is one of the great institutions of a benevolent society, focusing on the only real hope we have for the future—our children. Dating back to the 19th century […]

Gin and Cobbler

lucky boozers… Am I becoming disenchanted with my favorite show? I’m ok with cross-marketing when it highlights chefs and their restaurants, or maybe a high quality name brand ingredient or sweet blender or something. But I’m a little worried when Cold Stone asks the kids to come up with a Mix-In for ice cream as […]

Blazing Saddles

Oddly enough, this foul-mouthed, taboo-smashing sendup of racism in Westerns, co-written by Mel Brooks and Richard Pryor, made more money than any real Western ever did—which must have set John Ford spinning in his grave. Brooks shows he’s not above tooting his own horn by noting in an interview on the DVD that the infamous […]

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