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Mark Kennedy runs for the money

Show me the money Imagine the inner conflict. You’ve spent the last few months trying to convince Minnesota voters that you aren’t the Bush administration’s lap dog, despite voting with them 97 percent of the time. You are, despite the overwhelming evidence of the past few years that lying to the voters is a great […]

Brave New World

I’ll burn this life down and climb on a plane for Iceland. My new life might be waiting for me there. Or I might pack my bags and light out for a village in Peru. Maybe I’ll head to Boise. That might be the place of answers and inspiration. Or, no, I’ll go someplace warm […]

Pickle Juice for the Soul

Reader Feedback on: The Hat-Stretching Hangover Pickle juice!!! A primary metabolite of alcohol is acetaldehyde and the cooked vinegar found in pickles helps “push” this unfriendly acetaldehyde molecule into the next stage of metabolism. Recent research also indicates that PJ helps improve atheletic performance, probably by helping your muscles rid themselves of lactic acid in […]

Eternal Recurrence

The other day, the Minnesota State High School League decided the public is ready for instant replay at some high school basketball and hockey games. High schools using television replay to fact-check the referees is unheard of, yet at their meeting last week, Minnesota coaches, officials, and athletic directors all patted each other on the […]

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