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Busted by the First Law of Thermodynamics

In reading Mr. Singer’s letter [Letters, April], I couldn’t help but notice the absence of any mention on his part of the fossil fuel emissions/greenhouse gases that would be produced by the increased demand for electricity from the existing infrastructure—as to whether or not the air quality of the city would be improved by mass-transit’s […]

July 11, 2008: Hot And Windy, Just Like My Ladies

Feast of Papi

Why is it that Mothers get brunch on their day, but Dads get grillables? Is there something so feminine about pancakes and burnt toast? Clearly, most of us belive there is something masculine and primal about cooking food over an open flame. But there are Dads who are the Champions of Breakfast: they are the […]

Beyond the Obvious

Some guys—and gals—get all the ink. If you are a devoted Twin Cities foodie, you know all about Tim (and Josh), Vincent, Alex, Stewart and Heidi, Lucia, Doug, J.P., Lenny, and Brenda—and you can pair them with their restaurants. Odds are pretty good that you have also heard of Tanya Siebenaler, Don Saunders, Scott Pampuch, […]

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