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Soundtrack to Mary

While reflecting on one’s life, certain images and themes seem to dominate: God, Family, Love, etc. However, it’s occurred to me that I may have an unconscious fixation with Chihuahuas (for the record, I can barely spell “Chihuahua”). I’ve never eaten at a Taco Bell. Paris Hilton means very little to me. Yet Chihuahuas seem […]

March 25, 2008: Dude Weather Mailbag

Bush Money

My friend calls it his "Bush money." When I got my own Bush money—six hundred dollars from the Department of the Treasury—I stared at the words. Economic. Stimulus. Package. I’m not one to buy China-made plasma TVs, but I did want to help the American economy by buying something I wouldn’t have otherwise bought. Something […]

Link Rodeo

Gogol’s last words: ‘A ladder, quick, a ladder!’ —Elias Canetti, The Agony of Flies I’ve never been able to sleep like a normal person, and I literally could count the number of dreams I remember in my lifetime on one hand. This last week, however, I’ve been trying a new medication, and experiencing the sort […]

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