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Family Arrangements

Hail! Hail! Jimmy Walsh.

I left Jim Walsh a message today, after learning that one of the first acts of new City Pages management was to can him and his column. I worked with Jim for a few years over at the St. Paul Pioneer Press, and always liked the guy. I thought of him as one of those […]

T-Day Seven Days Out: The Bird

The bird is the word. We used to go to my aunt’s house in North Oaks for Thanksgiving. I clearly remember her perched on a chair next to the oven, heater and scotch in one hand, turkey baster in the other as she dutifully doused the bird every five minutes. From that chair she barked orders […]

Crossing the Aisle

Yesterday, amid news of four ton satellites falling from the heavens and the pending departure of Minnesota’s last sports superstar, a glimmering beacon of hope shone from our nation’s capital. The House of Representatives, in one brief shining moment of accord, today put aside their rancor for a subject not involving burly men injecting illicit […]

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