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Dude Weather Exposed

Get your daily video forecast from the ballsiest weatherman in town.

Hands Bikini

This is truly awful stuff.

Marshalling George Moskal's Latest

And this other thing: One of my fave local fashion photographers, Nic Marshall, just sent along these new portfolio pics. Local designer George Moskal (also one of my faves) lent some of his latest looks for the occasion. I absolutely lurve the following fancy, gray brocade dress with roped belt. Actually, it’s the dress I […]

Above Zero

SHOPPING & STYLELocal Clothes If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to support Minnesota ‘s burgeoning fashion community (with actual dollars, that is), it could be that your moment has finally come. A twofer of sales this weekend might finally put those hand-made wears within reach. First stop: Cliché, which carries local designers such […]

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