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BOOKS & AUTHORSCharles Baxter’s Soul Thief Those of us who have been to grad school know how difficult it can be, and how easy it can be to slip into breakdown mode. But best-selling author and U of M professor Charles Baxter takes this to a whole new level in his latest novel The Soul […]

Logging Those Frequent Diner Miles

What’s next, green stamps? With the cost of food and dining going up, and the economy going down, restaurants are scrambling to find new ways of keeping diners coming in the doors. Both Parasole, Inc. and the Twin Cities Originals have recently introduced customer loyalty programs that use member cards to track purchases and reward […]

Radio Steps Closer to the Abyss

Those of us with any interest at all in the immediate future of radio are highly skeptical — to the point of fatally suspicious — of the proposed merger of the two satellite radio companies, XM and Sirius, AND the regular promises by terrestrial radio giants, like Clear Channel, that High Definition radio will … […]

Everyone's A Meta-Critic

On Friday, Timothy Noah published the results of his online survey which asked the question, “If you had to pay to read each New York Times columnist, how much would you pay?” Apropos of the Times announcing that they were going to place their columnists in a premium subscription-only area of the Times website, Noah […]

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