Today’s (Random) Featured Posts

IFP Party

IFP (Independent Feature Project, d’uh) is throwing itself a lil’ soiree this evening. It’s a fundraiser for the organization–which is dedicated to promoting the work, locally, of independent screenwriters, filmmakers, and photographers. But it’ll only set you back about fifteen bucks, so it’s cheap as benefit events go. Expect to be fed, watered, and entertained […]

Taste of Scandinavia Bakery

It took us a long time to realize that this gem of St. Anthony Park moved—across the street—and joined up with a Dunn Brothers. Love the new space: a sunny, pine-paneled cornershop that is more true to its namesake and geographical inspiration than anything we’ve seen west of Oslo. And it’s not just the deli […]

Young Girls Tell Us What They Want

Thanks to Adrants for pointing out these videos of teenage and twenty-something girls discussing their reactions to ads that try to market to them. Interesting. More interesting still is the idea of a young all girl creative agency.

Fun With Radio Ratings

In response to thunderous demand for radio ratings statistics — a task I find strangely titillating — the Slaughter offers these snapshots of what Twin Cities listeners say they were tuned to over the past summer. The disclaimer I will always issue is that as they are currently handled, by volunteers filling in written diaries, […]

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