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Pooh-Poohing the Plastinates

The only positive thing about the very creepy Body Worlds exhibit at the Science Museum [The Rake’s Progress, June] is that it’s dead humans and not the usual dead animals that are being violated, disrespected, and exploited in the name of art. Author(s) and Location: Frank Erickson, Minneapolis

The John McCain Pander Factor

Conservatives have enjoyed great success pilloring Democrats and liberals with accusations of “flip-flopping”. Any lefty who everv changed their mind, voting against a flawed bill and then voting for a repaired bill was labeled a “flip-flopper”. It worked because the party’s base, the average Sean Hannity listener, wants glib judgments made for him, and made […]

A Minor, But Smart, Move By The Wolves

Calvin Booth (center) – StewMac/ In a deal that is almost certain to become official when the NBA trade moratorium is lifted tomorrow, the Wolves will take on center Calvin Booth and swingman Rodney Carney from the Philadelphia 76ers, plus receive a first-round pick that is likely the one the Sixers got from Utah in […]

The 160th Trimester

MUSICElectric Fetus 40 year Anniversary Party It’s hard for me to believe the Electric Fetus has been slingin’ records almost 10 years longer than I’ve been alive. I’m not sure if that makes me feel young or old; I’ve still got a few years to go before I need to start validating my youth. I […]

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