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Hard Look, Tender Touch

“One thing I would never photograph,” Diane Arbus once wrote, “is dogs lying in the mud.”  That’s an odd statement coming from a woman who looked so unflinchingly at the weird world around her. Technically there may not be any photographs of dogs lying in the mud in Revelations, the vast retrospective of the photographer’s […]

Ann Beattie

A new Ann Beattie book is no longer the event it once was, which is something of a shame. She’s been kicking out such consistently accomplished fiction for so long now that it’s become easy to take her for granted. When she first made her name with a series of New Yorker stories in the […]

Richard Linklater

Director Richard Linklater has been on the independent movie track for over twenty years now, and he’s built an oeuvre that’s as interesting as it is eclectic. He recently abandoned the romantic comedies and plotless, stream-of-consciousness work he’s been known for, turning out instead a pair of cynical flicks—A Scanner Darkly and now Fast Food […]

Fear the Slaughter

“Spot” questions the fanged female … “Brian, I do enjoy your blog; you obviously know a lot about the media scene in the Twins. However, Spot has to question your choice of a female lion as your avatar for the blog.” Spot my man/(gal?). Ask yourself the fundamental question I ask myself every day. Is […]

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