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When "No" Should Be "Yes"

Anybody see Jersey Boys? If you did, please let me know what you thought. I will pass your feedback along to one of the investors, whom I just happen to know — Mr. M. 🙂 I may be a little biased, but all of the cast in my opinion have been terrific. Here is a […]

Little Help, Partners

As I was driving around town today I was writing this country song in my head. I had the whole damn thing worked out –verses, chorus, tune, the whole shebang– and it was shaping up to be a real humdinger of drunken regret, a first-class jukebox classic, and something of a comeback record for me. […]

Why didn't we think of this?

I wouldn’t want to pay taxes to any state that would have me as a resident. Got an urgent email alert from The Taxpayers League of Minnesota today urging me to call my legislator and let them know I was against the proposed increase in the cigarette tax. The rationale given was that, according to […]

Grape Expectations

Rake food and wine writer Ann Bauer, has a piece on wine-making and global warming on

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