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Dark Side Of The Moon

Dead, the slender bug astonished with its complexity of sprung parts and the volume of its viscosity, the evidence of a supreme and comically-mad engineer’s attention to detail. One of God’s little basement projects. The poor little dude. What did this skittering mystery hope to find on the other side of the room? Perhaps the […]

Who Profits to Nonprofit Art?

Cathy Madison’s “We went crazy for a decade” [July] was a truly pleasurable trip down memory lane—a guilty pleasure, at that, recalling for me the days of fashionable poverty and gallery internships. I spent my student loan money on trips to Chicago and New York, bounced back and forth between the U’s fine arts department […]

Just a Bunch of Hicks — Beautiful Hicks

FOOD Food and Fun at the Fair Don’t let a little rain (or job responsibilities) get in the way of your general well-being and nourishment. (Take a mental health day if you need to.) Join us at the Minnesota State Fair as Minnesota cooks and celebrity chefs create award-winning fare in Carousel Park. Though I […]

Three Destinations

Paula and George Lopuch, of downtown Minneapolis, take Red-Handed to a whole new level with three different trips and three different issues of The Rake. Africa: Our trip included a one-week safari in Kenya, where we held The Rake up exactly over the equator, much to the amusement of the locals. Mexico: San Miguel de […]

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