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For the Love of Oysters

Casanova was a scoundrel. He was a scalawag, banned from Venice and disqualified from a career with the Church. He scammed rich and poor alike at every turn. And he was a lawyer. Yet, if he were to make a few appearances between now and November, he might get elected president. For despite all his […]

Zenon Dance Company’s Fall Concert

Zenon Dance Company serves up another feast of new choreography that, as always, is precisely executed by this superior troupe. This year’s fall concert features a sampling of new work by two of our local favorites as well one New York import. Local choreographer Wynn Fricke—whose poetic, individualistic and often fantastical work was recently performed […]

Alice Walker

Prince isn’t alone in taking a certain royal tint to heart. Alice Walker’s first and still most prominent novel, The Color Purple, earned her a well-deserved Pulitzer and a well-meaning film adaptation by Steven Spielberg. Later this year, it’ll debut as a musical in Atlanta before hitting Broadway. Her new novel, Now Is the Time […]

Can Behavioral Targeting Regulations Balance Privacy and Free Speech?

How do you feel about ads being served up to you according to your web surfing history? On one hand, it only goes to prove Big Brother is watching (as if we didn’t know that). On the other hand, the ads you see are more likely to suit your interests, which might not be a […]

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