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Before Sunset

Fresh off his box-office success with School of Rock, director Richard Link-later’s returned to his low-key, high-concept indie roots. Sunset picks up on his 1995 romance Before Sunrise, catching up with the characters played by Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy nine years later. The two of them wander around Paris, talk, visit a coffeeshop, talk, […]


Linda Hempel writes from Edinburgh, Scotland: “After an exhausting day of golf at St. Andrews, walking across that enormous bridge at the 17th, this vacant crypt at the ruins of the local cathedral was irresistible so I decided to take a break to read my favorite publication, The Rake.” Author(s) and Location: Linda Hempel

The Rise of the Mighty Euro

Perhaps I’m the only one who wasn’t paying attention to the complications caused by the European Union. But I’ll admit, I’m surprised. When we booked our trip to Italy — after receving an unexpected bequest from my husband’s mother — the euro (which had been under a dollar not long before) was trading at about […]

Chop It Off

My squat little body houses a record number of physical calamities. If you have read my latest published story, "Pharma Chameleon," (in the March issue of The Rake) you already know that I’m pretty much a bubble boy. My latest impediment is a Pterigium (kind of like a nasty veiny weed) on my right eye. […]

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