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Herbal Essence

The first time I heard Martha Stewart say “herbs” with a pronounced H, I had to laugh thinking the übermom had a glitch in her matrix. Then I learned there was a whole H / no-H debate, and you had to pick your side with the courage of your convictions. Those who Proudly Pronounce feel […]

Sea Salt Eatery

Pondering the beauty of Minnehaha Falls is so much sweeter when munching on a fish taco. Before Sea Salt Eatery set up shop in the park, a trip to the falls was like, “OK, pretty. Let’s go.” Now, with a crab cake sandwich or oyster po’ boy in hand, visitors can slow down to appreciate […]

Wine, wine, wine! Bottles, Not Boxes

“Courage, friends,” said George Bernard Shaw. “We all hate Christmas.” These days there is a good deal more to hate about the festive season than there was in Edwardian England, particularly the annual crash-course in consumerism given to all our children by the manufacturers of worthless plastic gewgaws. No doubt the hairy Hibernian sophisticate disdained […]

The Three-Pointer: Double Double

Game #60, Home Game #31, Minnesota 117, Lakers 107 (2 OT) 1. So Pretty No Timberwolves player has been ripped as royally by myself and those responding to my treys this season as “Pretty Ricky” Davis, who has been dubbed either directly or by inference as a cancer, a coach killer, a corroder of chemistry, […]

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