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The Blue Room, by David Hare

Yes, this is the show in which Nicole Kidman appeared nude on Broadway. Now that we’ve gotten that bit of trivia out of the way, let’s consider the play itself, a meditation on couples and coupling. Adapted from Arthur Schnitzler’s classic La Ronde, The Blue Room is structured as a circle of interlocking encounters. Each […]

Finer Points of Lakeville

As a resident of Lakeville I’d like to make a couple of corrections to the article in your June issue on the last metro Ben Franklin [Rakish Angle]. We only have nine elementary schools and three middle schools—not twelve and four respectively. We also have an Area Learning Center, Community Education Building, and Family Learning […]

k.d. lang and the Minnesota Orchestra

One of these days, k.d. lang is going to run out of musical forms to conquer. Her latest success is as a vocalist working with America’s top symphonies; this month, she’ll do a one-night stand with the tuxedoed Minnesota Orchestra, not one of whose members lower-case their initials. After the Orchestra struts its stuff through […]

Vulcanized Rubber

I’ve been meaning for awhile to write a bit about the Minnesota Wild, and how nice it is to have the NHL back this season. Well, not nice exactly. Just another demand on my time, actually, but at least there is TiVo. I wrote last year that there were no truly great hockey writers on […]

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