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Manhattans in Minneapolis

Back when Zeno opened, its New York owners — two attorneys, no less — thought they’d make millions bringing their ultra-hip wine bar-sandwich shop-coffeehouse concept to Minneapolis. And they might have, if they’d stuck it out with their flagship storefront in Uptown for more than about 30 seconds. Instead, they rushed to open a second […]

Seth Kantner

In the continuum of outdoors adventure and nature writing, the truth lies somewhere between Jon Krakauer’s Into The Wild and a Dick Cheney “pheasant hunt.” Seth Kanter’s Ordinary Wolves is a striking debut novel that does a nice job of reproducing the hardscrabble realities of native life in Alaska without getting stupid or softening the […]

Three Feet?

I am a faithful reader of The Rake, and thoroughly enjoy your columns. [Sex and the Married Man, June] caught my attention because it deals with the issue of erectile dysfunction and the drug industry’s solution to everything—pills. I think you are missing a key issue in this article. It is proven that the absence […]

Robert Bly and Donald Hall

Receiving snail mail from loved ones is always exciting, simply because it’s such a rare form of intimacy. That sense of closeness is bound to bleed over onto the stage with the Literary Friendships series. The first two writers paired up for an onstage conversation are Robert Bly (pictured here) and Donald Hall, friends and […]

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