Archives for March 2002

And Now a Word from a Bonafide Rock Star

You may recall a sampler CD that I sent to you last week containing 8 songs from Weezer’s forthcoming album, Maladroit. Please ignore that CD for the time being as I wasn’t supposed to have sent it yet. I was overeager for you all to hear it and I jumped the gun. Unfortunately, there is […]

Xena: Who Gets the Blame?

In your review of the Xena DVD [The Broken Clock, March], your writer suggests that the Xena series paved the way for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon type films. I am writing to remind you that wirework fight scenes involving women and men have been utilized in Hong Kong cinema far before Xena existed. And while […]

Silly Old Bear

To quote Maggie Smith in Gosford Park—“Yummy, yummy, yummy!!” What a splendid opening entre! Indie writers unite! Thanks especially for Billy Golfus’ memorial piece on Larry Kegan [“Last Song from the Big Chair,” March]. I didn’t know he’d left us and what a day to go! I’ll miss Larry around the planet. Looking forward to […]

There's That Word Again—Monopoly

As a native provincial, until recent years I’d always maintained the private notion that our city was smart rather than nice or mean (or nice and mean). But without a free non-monopoly press it hasn’t been possible to hear the voices of real individuals like I had been used to. The current formula of the […]

Depreciating Assets

Steve Perry’s story on Carl Pohlad and the effort to eliminate the Twins was interesting and well written, but Perry could scarcely hide his contempt. That’s fine, but I think he inadvertently gives these old men way too much credit. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that these people are simply bumbling dilettantes […]

Underlying Attitude

I think Bob Mould [The Broken Clock, March] deserves to do whatever he wants, and I know that no matter what he does I am going to respect him as the talented songwriter he is. What he has produced on Modulate is interesting; there is that underlying Bob Mould attitude that he will never lose, […]

Strong Drink for General Washington

Imagine yourself loaded into a watertight cask and rolled down into the deepest hold of an 18th century sailing ship. You are buffeted about in a sea-voyage of many months. The warmth is oppressive, even in the belly of the ship, and the humidity is worse. From time to time, you hear the scrabbling of […]

The Hat-Stretching Hangover

A wee nip, a bit of indulgence the night before, and the next day you’ve got a blistering headache. Your tongue’s as rough as a berber rug and somehow the cool tile of the bathroom floor is more comfortable than your space-age mattress. What’s to be done? When it comes to a hangover, sometimes the […]

Gallery 8

White walls, white coats, white plates. No, this isn’t Ecolab. It’s the Walker Art Center’s cafeteria-restaurant situated quietly above one of the most beautiful contemporary art collections in the country. The people behind the counter believe their offerings should be equal to the stuff on the walls. Even though the menu changes daily—a rarity in […]

Totino’s Italian Kitchen

This family-owned Italian restaurant, just blocks from downtown, has been a Northeast institution since 1951. Owner Steve Elwell bought the place from his grandma, Rose Totino—whose portrait is on proud display throughout the interior—10 years ago. Up until then, Rose and her husband Jim operated the eatery, which they originally opened with the intent to […]