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The first thing we noticed when we walked in the door of this repurposed north-suburban Pannekoeken Huis was the inviting fragrance of spice and curry, just the thing to perk up our appetite after a logy post-Gophers game nap. There are more than 100 items on the menu, all South Indian vegetarian and many strictly […]

T Lee Fine Designer Jewelry

As with so many local artists, we townies seem to be the last to know about T Lee’s creations and kudos, unless you’ve discovered her at the Uptown Art Fair. Now we can take a closer look at her original designer jewelry at her new retail store in the freshly chichi southern quarter of Northeast. […]


One of the reasons we’re not too worried about covering the latest and greatest whosies and whatsits here in the Broken Clock is that we want to reserve space for the timeless, the classic, the perennial favorites. A great sin of the present generation is assuming that local heroes the Jayhawks have done nothing notable […]

Koerner, Ray & Glover

Dave Ray is an all-around mensch, and it’s a crying shame that he’s been afflicted with a pretty serious battle with cancer. In any case, friends, let’s not mince words: You will not get too many more chances to see the legendary trio that played a big part in establishing the Dinkytown folk scene of […]

The Three Tenors

It’s admirable that the collaboration between these three giants of the opera world has lasted so long, not to mention a good thing for popular music in general. When Placido Domingo, Luciano Pavarotti, and Jose Carreras first got together 12 years ago, the unexpected appearance of a supergroup of opera was such an artistic and […]

Open Eye Figure Theater’s Holiday Pageant

Though you may not be familiar with it as yet, this annual Christmas show has already attained veteran status. This is only the second year it’s been staged publicly, but writer/director Michael Sommers has been putting it on for family and friends for 17 years. Based on medieval passion plays and featuring a set based […]

The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Collection, Vol. 1

We all serve the greater good in our own way. Some people cure polio. Some build rockets that go to the moon and back. The MST3K guys made unwatchable movies watchable, livening up terrible B-films with zinging commentary and mocking goofball skits during ten seasons on local TV and later on cable. Ordinarily we hate […]

Stripes, Groundhog Day

Caddyshack is quoted more often by drunken frat brothers, and Meatballs codified the slacker lifestyle a decade before the word came into use. But the hero of a generation has shined so brightly in so many films, we couldn’t begin to decide which Bill Murray film we like best. (Even his serious turn in Somerset […]

Talk to Her

One of the problems with seeing films like Pedro Almodóvar’s latest, Talk To Her, is that it inspires a profound guilt for all the time we’ve wasted on the latest Hollywood drivel. It’s doubly regrettable that this marvelous film will make its way to town during the holiday release frenzy and will probably get lost […]

Ziggy Stardust & the Spiders From Mars

Although the music on his Ziggy Stardust album is one of David Bowie’s career highs, it was the theatricality surrounding it that was truly revolutionary. His androgynous glam-spaceman persona was stunningly exotic in 1973, and the sense of drama created by the lavishly conceived live shows helped make the Ziggy period one of the most […]