Archives for January 2003

Soundtrack to Mary

After the black cloud of hell that is known as the holidays in my family, I came down with the “cruise ship flu,” a name which doesn’t begin to paint this evil in the proper light. Never in my adult life have I been this sick. As god is my witness, I shan’t be kneeling […]


Finally someone (besides us) has noticed that the expansive area north of the old warehouse district, recently filled with new condos and townhouses, offices and studios, is ready for a restaurant and club appropriate for the crowd that works and lives nearby. Babalu is that, and a certain draw for heat-seeking souls from the entire […]

Martha Clarke’s Vienna: Lusthaus (Revisited)

Martha Clarke has seldom pursued the linear in her storytelling. Like many of the artists she’s interpreted—Franz Kafka and Hieronymus Bosch, for instance—Clarke has a taste for collaging imagery with such a ravenous appetite that the final product invariably takes on the taste of a three-day acid trip. Vienna Lusthaus (Revisited) is no exception. Capturing […]

Daniel Buettner and John-Mark Schlink

Cool colors and sparse compositions link the two artists exhibiting together at this year-old artists’ collective tucked away in a corner of the quickly gentrifying Old St. Anthony section of northeast Minneapolis. John-Mark Schlink’s work is based around his interest in architectural forms, most obviously in his studies of Minneapolis’ downtown buildings, which reduce the […]

2003 Regis Masters Series Exhibition

This year’s Northern Clay exhibit and forum with an acknowledged master of ceramic art is a twofer, as both the 2002 and 2003 invitees will be here simultaneously, dropping science and throwing pots like there’s no tomorrow. Now in her 80s, Gütte Eriksen has earned her place as one of Denmark’s most important potters, combining […]

How Latitudes Become Forms

Though Disney might sue us for using their copyrighted phrase, it’s a small world, after all. And getting smaller. This three-month, cross-disciplinary exhibit directs your attention to the growing effect of globalization on art, bringing together 27 visual, new media, film, and performance artists from China, Brazil, South Africa, India and that foreign land called […]

Kronos Quartet Volume II: Caravan

Originally a recording produced in 1999, Caravan is one of the Kronos Quartet’s recent world explorations, this time through the imagery of the Gypsy Diaspora. Pannonia, a name once given to the stretch of eastern Europe where the Mediterranean and European worlds cross paths with the Orient, is the setting and inspiration for an evening […]

David Gray

After three solid albums diffidently supported by three labels, English pop-folkster David Gray got the break he deserved when frat-friendly superstar Dave Matthews chose White Ladder as the first release on Matthews’ own label. True to its title, Ladder kept climbing, reaching multiple platinum on the strengths of its effervescent electronic beats and Gray’s sophisticated, […]

Neil Finn

Neil Finn has been making the musical progression from reckless youth (he joined his brother’s band, Split Enz, at age 18) to pop craftsman (Crowded House) to, on his last couple of solo discs, melancholy crooner. Finn’s rich, textured vocals and whimsical and songwriting make him one of the most underrated performers of the last […]

Jane Monheit

There’s just no way around it, so we’ll take it head-on: Jane Monheit is similar to Diana Krall—but, we hasten to add, in all the right ways. She’s a brilliant retro-jazz interpreter, an incredible vocal stylist, and a very young woman with a very bright future. At the tender age of 26, she’s worked wonders […]