Archives for May 2003


The menu at Bobino founder Chris Paddock’s latest eatery ranges widely over central and South America, but the central organizing concept comes from Brazil’s churrascaria steakhouses, slow-roasting beef on open-flame skewers. On our recent visit we sampled the picanha—one of Mojito’s signature fire-roasted meats rubbed with garlic—and the feijoada, a tasty stew of pork sausage, […]

The Marriage of Figaro

We noticed about a year ago that Jeune Lune just goes from strength to strength—and being, you know, attuned to classical tragedy, we wonder if hubris will bring them back to Earth anytime soon. It seems nothing is too ambitious for this brilliant company, from Shakespeare’s Hamlet to a Cirque du Soleil tribute to an […]

Triple Espresso

Seven years, sixteen cities, and up to a million theatergoers later, Triple Espresso’s caffeine high refuses to wear off. This three-man vaudevillian cabaret act, in fact, is among the most successful shows our town’s ever produced, still getting sellout crowds night after night for the laugh-a-minute antics of the has-been trio Maxwell, Butternut, and Bean. […]

Use Your Outside Voice: Minneapolis Sculpture Garden 15th Anniversary

That “Spoonbridge & Cherry” sculpture has become so iconic of Minneapolis in our minds, we’d nearly forgotten that the Walker’s outdoor annex has only been gracing our city for a decade and a half. The museum’s celebrating the occasion with a two-part weekend fete. On Friday, critic’s-darling Americana combo Wilco headlines a concert backed up […]

Crossing the Channel: British and French Painting in the Age of Romanticism

The MIA teams up with Britain’s Tate Gallery and the Metropolitan Museum of Art for this 150-work exhibit, a major collection intent on revealing the creative give-and-take between painters on either side of the English Channel during the tumultuous decades of post-Napoleonic Europe. Crossing will feature plenty of rare treats for us Yankee audiences, including […]

Make It Real

To open its 2003 season, Soap Factory presents a series of video, film, and visual art that’s all about finding and crossing the line between fiction and reality—more specifically, how we use fiction to assemble our reality. Projects include a trading post where you can swap one of your own mixed-tapes with one of Conrad […]

Carla Bley Big Band

Bley represents a new and unique impulse in jazz—a desire to embrace big, messy, intellectual subjects. It’s not a natural mode for jazz, which tends to dwell on aesthetic detail. You know, art for art’s sake. But her latest album, Looking For America, sounds the clarion that jazz is uniquely equipped to approach complex issues […]

Neil Young & Crazy Horse with Lucinda Williams

Sometimes you’ve just got to see a show because of the rare lineup. And in the case of these completely simpatico artists, it’s a shame someone ends up playing in the invariably ignominious position of “warm-up.” Young, of course, still maintains a stadium-sized contingent of dope-smoking longhairs who need to be accomodated as they holler […]

Jay Farrar, Terroir Blues

That’s not a typo—terroir is a French term roughly meaning “soil” that has less to do with the current geopolitical bugbear than Farrar’s ongoing fascination with American culture and traditions. A song cycle about Farrar’s new hometown of St. Louis, it’s a solid piece of work that builds well on his earlier solo records and […]

Annie Lennox, Bare

Annie Lennox has not been terribly prolific in the years since she left the great ’80s art-pop duo Eurythmics at the beginning of the last decade. Solo, she brought us the sophisticated and occasionally wonderful Diva, and a dreadful covers album called Medusa, aptly named in that it turned the hearts of most critics to […]