Kicking Depression’s Butt

Thank you for your favorable review of Unplugged, my novel about depression and recovery [The Broken Clock, May]. I appreciate the attention your column brought to my performance and signing at Ruminator Books—and, more important, to the cause of suicide prevention. Your piece did, however, contain one error. I am not a “lifetime victim of depression,” having been spared until the age of 33. More to the point, I reject the label “victim,” preferring to call myself a depression survivor. Were I a “victim of depression,” I’d never have been able to write (and tirelessly tour on behalf of) a book of healing and hope that goes toe-to-toe with mood disorders and the stigma surrounding them. Indeed, given the way I’ve responded to my illness, it might be more accurate to say that depression is a victim of me!
Paul McComas
Evanston, IL