Ani DiFranco

Perpetually touring Ani DiFranco hits the stage with a few of her favorite f-words—“folk,” “feminism,” and undoubtedly one more—as she continues her winter tour after a much-deserved monthlong hiatus. Intimate venues have always been DiFranco’s preference, and the Northrop will be a fitting platform from which to unveil tracks from her latest album, Endangered Species, due January 20. Ani’s always had a stubborn independent streak, but she’s gone a step further on Species, playing all the instruments and providing all the vocals. Ani also singlehandedly recorded and mixed the songs on an analog eight-track reel-to-reel in a shotgun shack in New Orleans, complete with passing trains and rain falling in the background. And you thought she couldn’t get any more raw! She’ll have a backup band in concert, of course, except during the album’s patriotic spoken-word pieces, but audiences will have to warm up to new drummer Daren Hahn, who replaces longtime favorite Andy Stochansky, gone to chase his own star after last year’s successful solo release Five Star Motel. Hammel on Trial, a fellow Righteous Babe artist who describes himself as the Beastie Boys rolled into one, opens. Northrop, 84 Church St. S.E., (612) 624-2345,