Outlaw Printmakers

Political printmaking’s been a patriotic pastime ever since the days when Ben Franklin’s cartoons spurred revolution. And don’t forget Che, as much a T-shirt icon as a symbol of Latin American independence. For some more modern etched dissent, eyeball this touring exhibit showcasing satire and social criticism – two things we could all use more of. In the tradition of Goya and Big Daddy Roth, St. Louis artist and curator Tom Huck has gathered fourteen compatriots who do edgy work with a punk-rock sense of humor. Selections include Minneapolis lithographer Jenny Schmid’s Fast Girl, Knocked Up from her “Downfall of Young Girls” series, a recent MIA exhibit; New Yorker Sue Coe’s Modern Man Followed by the Ghosts of his Meat, a harrowing image of a McDonald’s patron fleeing undead comestibles; and tattoo artist Nick Bubash’s kitschy tweak of religious iconography, Flash.
400 1st Ave. N., Minneapolis; 612-339-1094; www.theissgallery.com