POP! A Neighborhood Restaurant

Few venues are brave enough to put an exclamation point in their name. But that’s not the only thing that makes Pop! different. The menu of this Northeast neighborhood joint, which has become a magnet for a broad swath of hipster types, is as bright and fun as the pop-art decor. Nevertheless, please refrain from leaping up and exclaiming “Wahoo!” when you bite into the Black Angus burger with Tillamook cheddar—or, for that matter, when you dip into the grilled beef Matambre stew with its bright Latino flavors. You might disturb someone who is demurely tucking into a plate of fine Swedish meatballs. Also, the space, while vibrant, is tight. Prepare to wait on the weekends. 2859 Johnson St. NE, Mpls.; 612-788-0455