Who pays for propaganda?

Anyone who calls himself a journalist had to be embarrased by Dan Rather and the other idiots at CBS News who broadcast that report about the forged documents relating to W’s service (if you can call it that) in the National Guard.

Republicans are absolutely right when they say the people involved were blinded by their own ideology into concocting the story. I mean, if they’d stopped for a minute and thought about it, do they think Karl Rove would have been so stupid as to leave behind any specific evidence of the special treatment W received. C’mon…

Anyway, the CBS people behind the broadcast have now been fired. The only reason Rather hasn’t been is that he’s already resigned.

But, are any of the above-mentioned Republicans upset when their side uses tax dollars to influence the news, as they did in the case of the Department of Education paying TV commentator Armstrong Williams $240,000 to shill for the No Child Left Behind Act?

Hey, at least CBS used their own money to try to blow smoke up our rear ends. And, they admitted their mistake. Any chance of that happening at W’s Education Department? Probably about the same chance of W’s real records from the National Guard coming to light is my guess.