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Their Grandparent's Waltz

Sweet Land, 2006. Written and directed by Ali Selim. Starring Elizabeth Reaser, Tim Guinee, Alan Cumming, John Heard, Alex Kingston, Ned Beatty, Lois Smith, Patrick Heusinger, and Stephen Pelinski. Now showing at the Edina Cinema (and a few others around the Twin Cities). Someday I’ll be wise and watch movies like Sweet Land when they […]

Let the Slaughter Begin …

According to conventional mythology a new blog is born every second, each with an average readership of … one. I hope to do better than that, if only for the sake of Rake publisher, Tom Bartel, who, after months of brutal negotiations has finally consented to attach my idle, crackpot meanderings to his otherwise sober-minded […]

Foolish Wishes, Resolutions, Etc.

To surface each morning already grasping for every precious scrap of consciousness. To dance and blow bubbles and reach instinctively for the brightest colors in the crayon box. To creep through bushes and fling yourself at the world. To howl and holler and feel the grass between your toes. To move forward. To lunge. To […]


New Year’s Eve sucks! If only because a) you cannot safely drive anywhere that night because there are so many drunks on the road and b) after one measly cocktail, you cannot safely drive anywhere that night because there are so many cops on the road. But it’s our lofty expectations that really spoil the […]

Conversations Real and Imagined: Coffee House Critics Weigh In

“I don’t quite get it–Apocalypto is about Iraq and George W.? When? Bush is cutting the heads off liberals? The Blue Man group? Jaguar Paw is Barack Obama? The Spaniards are the Islamic terrorists? “If Gibson weren’t such an unholy square, I’d say he was smoking some pretty serious shit if that’s what you get […]

The Lightness of Being In Space

Tonight, the Bell Museum’s Science on Screen series features State of Weightlessness, a 1994 documentary that pairs archival footage of early Soviet space travel with the reflections of various cosmonauts on being in Space. Our friend Colin Covert likes it very much.

Verbosity with Plum Sauce

Haven’t had enough of three hour menu presentations by effete servers describing specialties that become more and more intricate as chefs plumb the dark recesses of their creativity? Visit Chez Louise and refresh the page to get more more more. Or if you seem to be the only one lacking a good comment at your […]

Go Pack Go

A trip to Lambeau field to watch the Vikings play the Packers would be a highlight of the year for any real football fan. I don’t quite fit that level, but with a father that grew up in the U.P. (thus making him a Green Bay fan) I didn’t even realize until I got to […]

Band of Brothers

From the moment I met him, which was a couple years ago now, I knew there was something familiar about my Rakish coworker Brad Zellar. He looked an awful lot like the musician Martin Zellar, the guy my high school friends used to follow around to beer bashes and the Taste of Minnesota concerts. It […]

Soda Pop And A Piss In The Woods

There were four of them in the car. Three of them were crammed in beside each other in the front seat, drowsy and cursing intermittently and squinting into the harsh sunrise that was splattering off a windshield already made bleary with insect grease. At some point in the night they had run themselves through a […]