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Cheese Parade

of livestock and mold Starting in the upper left and moving clockwise. French Brin D’Amour The “sprig of love” is a cheese made from Corsican sheep. The rind is encrusted in the aromatic herbs with which it spends three months curing. The juniper berries and rosemary give its pale ivory paste a floral flavor. It’s […]

The happy soldier bears belligerent offspring

Here’s something that pisses me off. I mean, it’s cool and all to be making monster trucks for the vulnerable soldier sect, but what irks me is how this fellow was originally thinking more along the lines of a pimped-out, rap star-style ride. And now of course, he’s making a killing off the war. Yes, […]

Double Feature

IT’S A WONDERFUL MENACE “Slither”, 2006. Written and directed by James Gunn. Starring Michael Rooker, Nathan Fillion, Elizabeth Banks, Gregg Henry, Tania Shaulnier, Brenda James, Don Thompson, and a boatload of b-movie mainstays. Now playing at local theaters and hopefully at every small town screen in America. There’s a reason why space aliens so often […]

Out-Takes: The Ups and Downs of Being Untouchable

Tom Friedman was in town this week to speak at Macalester College, which turned out to be his stump speech for his best-seller The World Is Flat. It’s a good speech that nicely summarizes his arguments, and it’s clear that he’s given this lecture quite a lot– which sort of supports Chris Lehmann’s view, expressed […]

Hunters, We Hunt

Be my Venus, baby. On the cultural docket for this weekend: happy hour with my running club (a less-organized variation of the Hash House Harriers, we, too, are a drinking club with a running problem), watching Singing In The Rain with my two best friends (yes), and, with any luck, dragging my mother and my, […]

Who Can Blame Her

Reuters recently reported that a mysterious woman has perfected the dine-and-dash in many of Rome’s best restaurants. The alleged “gourmet food junkie” has been known to dine fabulously on fine wines and exquisite fare, simply to find when the bill arrives (ooops) her wallet has been left in another purse. Revealed only as DN of […]

Swearing Allegiance

As soon as I get my teeth back in I’m gonna tell you all what you can do with your pansy anti-war act The papers and TV are all abuzz today with the startling revelation that cussing (as we used to call it where I grew up) is becoming more and more pervasive. I became […]

The Bumper Sticker

C stands for Look Out! I’ve been searching for the perfect bumper sticker for the Prius. I love driving that car every time I pass a gas station, and hate it every time I try to pass some idiot in the left lane on 169. The car needs definition. I bought a sticker in Spain […]

The Melancholy of Anatomy

By the way… If you happen to have a literary tattoo–you know, some sort of text excerpt from a favorite poem or book–you must get in touch without further ado! I’m looking for lettered tattoos that reference the greats… And I promise not to critique your taste in literature. Or your biceps for that matter. […]

Click-Through Fatigue II

Another nice episode of “Future Tense” this morning, following up on this obsessing issue of online advertising. A study just out from Nielsen Norman has found that online advertising “works” about 0.01 percent of the time–in other words, hardly ever. What did the study consider “working”? Apparently, they found a way to measure the amount […]