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Johan Santana had a 6.35 earned run average after the season opener, and then proceeded to lower his ERA in nine straight starts. From May 17-28 he suffered a little hiccup –during that span he went from an ERA of 3.23 to 3.47– but since then he has lowered it again in six consecutive starts. […]

Fabio vs. Bruce

Gina seems a fine name for an Alfa Romeo. However, I drive a black Spider Veloce that goes by the name of “Fabio.” This car, like all my cars, was named for me. I am not sure that this name has ever hit the mark. I heard that Fabio was gay (after all these years!). […]

Bored in the U.S.A.?

Happy freakin’ Fourth. I always get so depressed after this holiday, knowing that summer’s about half eaten up. So, while I don’t exactly look forward to this occasion, I do tend to make the most of these final days of sunny summer moods. I will be enjoying a much-needed, four-day hiatus… If you need anything […]

Femmes at The Fred

You know you’re getting old when, if left in charge of suggesting happenings to the general populace, you end up plugging panel discussions two days straight. But there are many reasons why the WARM and the Feminist Art Movement talk–again, at the Weisman–is of interest to me. First, the old Women’s Art Registry Gallery in […]

Don't Call Me Shrimp

I am a King Prawn, okay? I will not eat them Mr. Pimp I will not eat those pinky shrimp. I will not eat them set ablaze. I will not eat them in souffles. I will not eat them with a dip. I will not eat them on a chip. I will not eat them […]

The spell of formaldehyde

Celebrating the tenth (or twelfth) anniversary of my exercising the right to abstain from animal dissection in high school biology class, I present to you a discussion at the Weisman Art Museum called “Why We Dissect.” All right, all right… The expert panel won’t be talking grasshoppers and frogs here. (I still gag.) Rather, they’ll […]

The Passion of the Superman

Superman Returns, 2006. Directed by Bryan Singer, written by Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris. Starring a cast of undead that includes Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth, the usually inspired Kevin Spacey, Frank Langella, James Marsden, Parker Posey, Sam Huntington, and, briefly, Eva Marie Saint and the disembodied voice of Marlon Brando. What a movie this new […]

Kicking Ass And Treading Water

Jim Souhan pretty much nailed it. And you know all of this, but it bears repeating nonetheless: The Twins have now won fourteen out of fifteen, and six straight. Nine straight wins at home. Six straight series wins. 12-2 in interleague play. Francisco Liriano is 8-1, with four straight wins. Joe Mauer’s five hits last […]

Tuesday, Perchance?

Since he lost his job as an aviation mechanic in the late 1980s, Riggs has been a clerk at the International Repository of Regrets. He hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in almost ten years. The Repository, housed in a World War Two-era train depot, is a vast place of bad light and spooky, institutional […]

Twenty-Four Hour Arty People

What is with all these twenty-four hour, speedy art projects? By this, I am referring to such things as the 24-Hour Play Project, even this, the “24-Hour Collaboration,” a slumber party involving several University of Minnesota composers, most of whom live in the same ramshackle in south Minneapolis. It’s not that I oppose the application […]