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Semi-precious stones are my best friend

This month, we paid homage to all the fabulous, Minnesota-made jewelry that’s available. Now you can see ‘n touch it for yourself. One of my favorite boutiques in all of Minneapolis is throwing a jewelry trunk show this evening. Between five and eight p.m., you’ll be able to check out necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings […]

Night Comes In, Crawling

I don’t know who these people are, have absolutely no idea what they’re saying. Every day, every day, every day some fresh confusion. Fog, I guess, a gray shroud I hunch my way under and through. These weird, fuzzed lights emerging, gauzy red and yellow blobs blooming above me. A sinking plane emerges, the underbelly, […]

Five Alive?

Hot off the presses, this release from the kids who rep the public relations for Five Restaurant & Street Lounge: David Parson Capaccioli is the new Exec Head Chef and Mary Beth Mueller is the new GM. Capaccioli is a former instructor at the Art Institute of Minneapolis Culinary Arts School, was once Executive Chef […]

End Times-era Moviemaking

I never could bring myself to watch Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ. And I’m afraid that now, after doing just a hair of research, I feel much the same about Gibson’s latest project, Apocalypto. No Fin de los Tiempos for me, thanks. A short history of my apocalypse fears: As a little Catholic kid, […]

Ode to Sun Country

I have flown six times in the past year – three times on Sun Country and three on the “major” airlines. The experience on the the two is so different it is almost laughable. Apparently, Sun Country

Attempting to Fly While Muslim

I had a hard time deciding whether to write about the “Imam Incident” or the “Bleskachek Blunder“. They both offer up the easy target of political correctness run amok. Everyone’s upset about Muslims being put off the plane, and everyone should be upset about Mayor Rybak appointing someone to a top city job who would […]

In the spirit of the season

Assuming you do not have tickets to tonight’s Bob Seger concert, and because plenty of us are plenty stressed about holiday shopping, you might consider focusing your energies on two important going-out-of-business sales. The pink palace of local luxury retailers,

Sleep the clock around

What’d I do with the days off? I slept. I slept through the After-Thanksgiving sales, slept through my friend Sam’s birthday party. The weird thing about getting enough sleep, and finally chipping away at that sleep deficit, is that it actually makes you feel more tired than ever. How’m I gonna drag my butt out […]

Best Car Chases

Over thanksgiving my wife and I were accosted in front of the Edina Lunds and asked about the “cute shoes” my wife was wearing. This happened as I was about to contribute to the Salvation Army and caused me to reflect for a moment on the true meaning of the holidays. Then I lost my […]

Make 'Em Laugh and You Will Live Forever

It’s simple, really: when I’m feeling intolerably blue, when the skies cannot seem to shed that husk of gray and the sun is merely a dim memory, and when all of life feels hollow and miserable, I turn to movies. And one in particular, one that conjures up better days and reminds me of people […]