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Best and worst gifts of 2007

Of course, this will be a personal list. If you have a hankering to mention a particularly tasteful or -less gift of your own, please comment below.     WORST   1. Body Fat Scale (from one fat ass to another?) On Christmas evening, after I’d had my fill of sugar cookies, at the most […]

Looking Back on 2007

Say you were offered the option to go forward or backward in a time machine. Which would you choose? If science fiction is any indication, most people would leap ahead to find out what the world will be like at some future time. Me? I’d go back: to the Last Supper, to Ludwig Beethoven’s Vienna, […]

Bring on 2008!

Today is the last day of 2007. Happy almost New Year!   Spend a little time today reflecting on the year gone by; then move onward and welcome the new year head on, without ever turning back. That’s the key, folks — keep moving forward. Always move forward. Here are a few items to help […]

birthday rally

Midwest appeal

Zimmern's Complaint

Here’s what happened. Mitch Omer — one of my dearest friends in this world — showed up at my house on Thanksgiving with a red-lined version of Andrew Zimmern’s December column, livid about some of the things it contained. Mitch railed. I defended Andrew on many points. We got into a bit of a tiff, […]

All the Pretty Horses

The Three Pointer: Suffocating Hope

Game #28, Road Game #15: Minnesota 96, Portland 109 Game #29, Road Game #16: Minnesota 90, Seattle 109 Season record: 4-25 1. Play Richard Wolves color commentator Jim Petersen and I probably differ as much as we agree on myriad aspects of the team, but as far as I’m concerned, the only thing missing from […]

An Old Thing, from Somewhere Else: Something Heavy Being Carried Away

I WAS 38 YEARS OLD and washing dishes in a strip bar, forced to wear a ridiculous chef’s hat because the place clung to its delusions and had the audacity to serve food. The all-you-can-eat chili special was a big draw with the oil boys from the refinery across the highway. I’d punch out at […]

Poster Art Is the Bomb

Like the burrito to the taco, gig posters (larger posters for music shows) are the larger, more respected version of the flier/postcard PR materials. (Sorry, I’ve got my mind on tacos right now.)  Anyway, gig posters aren’t just CD store or bar room wallpaper anymore, they’re now one of the most popular art forms in […]

Where to Dine on New Year's Eve – Part II

Still haven’t decided where to go for New Years Eve? Besides the usual suspects, and the places I wrote about last week in Part I the options range from free champagne and hors d’oeuvres at midnight at the new Driftwood Char Bar, three- and five-course options at First Course, and a seven-course gastronomic blowout at […]