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Beginning Sunday night, Britt Robson, late of City Pages, will be bringing his Timberwolves blog to The Rake. Check back here for the latest, and best, Wolves coverage after every game.

Cho-Down pt.2

Just a quick and dirty update on the Chodorow vs. Bruni saga … Apparently, Jeffrey has banned Bruni from all of his restaurants. Not only that, but he’s going to post a picture of Bruni on his website and offer a free vacation for anyone who spots Bruni in a Chodorow joint. What did I […]

Buca Big House

the pope’s table Joe Micatrotto was sentenced yesterday to 13 months in prison for his illegal actions as head honcho at Buca di Beppo. I have such odd feelings about this. As a young something, I believed in the crazy fun and cool world of Buca. I was the first Training Coordinator and running around […]

Best Documentary, in Fragments

More on movies: the film that, in my humble opinion, should’ve won for best documentary is playing at the Bell–through tomorrow only! Not that I disliked An Inconvenient Truth. But let’s face it, folks; it was, essentially, a PowerPoint presentation, whereas Iraq In Fragments took some very bold, and quite poetic, snapshots of three different […]

Gone to the Gowns

If there was one resolution made during last night’s Academy Awards viewing, it was this: I resolve to go see The Queen. I missed it, thinking it looked tearfully boring at the time of its release. Plus, I generally try to avoid biopics–unless, that is, they have something to do with Truman Capote. But in […]

Conversations Real and Imagined: Scorsese's Acceptance Speech

At the mention of his name, and with a look of profound relief and that usual squirrel-spark in his eyes, Martin Scorsese nods to himself, rises from his chair and makes his way to the stage. Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Francis Ford Coppola and that tall brunette, whose presence speaks of sold souls, waits to […]

Murder by Numbers

Viewed through the prism of memory, some years take on a character, a distinctive tone. In 2006, crime reclaimed its place on the front pages of newspapers across the United States, including the Star Tribune. And in this year of murder, Courtney Brown and Trevor Marsh were like twin poles on a violent globe. Brown […]

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Spinning "Climate Change"

Aquatennial and Winter Carnival to merge. More Speedo time! Northwest Passage soon to be completed. Global Warming: Beats the hell out of an ice age. It’s treatable! Sort of like a meteorlogical bi-polar disorder. Won’t that hole in the ozone be a handy escape hatch when the planet blows up?

Peddling Pleasure

Smitten Kitten, the South Minneapolis sex boutique, recently launched its own version of the in-home sex-toy party, at which such wares as lubricants and vibrators are passed around for taste-testing, manhandling, discussion, and, of course, purchase. These “Pussy Parties” are geared to have a more urban, less hetero bent than, say, “Passion Parties,” which is […]

Learning to Speak

It’s a bit foggy aboard the Queen Mary 2 on our second day out of New York. The sky merges seamlessly with the ocean, obliterating the horizon in mushy blue-grayness. But deep inside this massive vessel—the newest, largest, fastest, and most luxurious ocean liner in the world—and behind the doors of the Illuminations auditorium, the […]