Advice to a Blogger on Barnes

This from a Stribber on today’s Barnes-for-Gyllenhaal announcement.

Barnes …

“1) is the first woman ever named to the executive editor post at the Star Tribune

2) leapfrogged over Gillespie — which is a big blow to Scott, a great guy — but in fact that follows a pattern around here of managing editors not following in their bosses’ footsteps.

3) some of us are just breathing a sigh of relief it wasn’t Monica “who cares about words? they only muck up design” Moses

4) Be careful what kind of “dragon lady” gossip you listen to about Nancy from Stribbers. A lot of it is the typical bullshit thrown around about strong women bosses. Unlike the muumuu brigade you remember at the PP, she is tough but no tsk-tsker. She plays well with the boys and gets things DONE, which I really admire.”

Okay. I hereby give Barnes 15 minutes worth of benefit of the doubt/presumption of innocence.

I suppose it’d be base and sexist of me to throw in at this point the crack made by another(Y-chromosome addled)Stribber, “Well, I’m willing to say she’s better looking than Tim McGuire.”

Cloddish bastard!