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The Three-Pointer: T-Minus Ten Games to Go

Regular Season Game #72, Home Game #35: Miami 92, Minnesota 77 1. The Fab Five Strike Again The Timberwolves were being blown off the court by the supposedly aged Miami Heat. In the space of 67 whirlwind seconds, the Heat had stolen passes, leaked out on Minnesota’s missed shots, and just generally hustled themselves into […]

Par the Purloiner

Look, this has to stop. There are bigger issues out there. This US Attorneys things is starting to feel like the Oak Island Mystery, where every time you break through one layer of cover you dig a bit further and hit another. Now there’s this squirrely GSA business. (Thematic linkage: Throat-slitting partisan careerists politicizing every […]

A Pointless Exercise, Uncompleted

To me, one of the great mysteries of 2006 was how Joe Mauer, a guy who had an on base percentage of .429, somehow managed to avoid scoring or driving in 100 runs. Three guys who hit behind him combined for 337 RBI (Morneau: 130; Cuddyer: 109; and Hunter: 98). Mauer had 86 runs scored […]

The Difference

One could not ask for a clearer distinction between what newspapers should be and what they are becoming than today’s paper editions of the New York Times and the Star Tribune. The featured photos on the front page of The Times were a series of three which perfectly illustrated the frustration that is Iraq. A […]

The Weekend Is All about the Music

MUSIC Good Old Boys I don’t know why most cover bands try so hard to make each song sound like the original recording. In my book, the whole point of covering a song is to make it yours, to add your own touches and stylings in an effort to pay homage to the song. This […]

Hillary Cars

Sir Edmund Hillary (I am sorry, did I miss something?) was once asked why, in the deepest sense, he risked his life to climb Mount Everest. “Because it was there,” he answered. I have a corollary when asked about certain cars to buy. Some cars are just waiting there for you to buy. Because certain […]

Redandnater: Shaming the Idiots

I have a lot of guilty pleasures, probably more than innocent ones, but among the guiltiest is a local broadcast message board. It is a place where usually anonymous broadcast professionals, very disgruntled ex-broadcast professionals and some appalling idiots re-staff, re-program TV and radio stations and spare nothing in insulting the talent of well, […]

Jib Jab Does "What We Call the News"

It is spring in DC. Time for politicians and reporters to gather and reassure us and each that they are kindred souls playing the same game for the same team. For the Radio and TV Correspondents Dinner the kids at JibJab debuted their latest video. Check it out here.

The Three-Pointer: A Kinder, Gentler Loss

Regular Season Game #71, Road Game #37, Utah 108, Minnesota 102 1. The Curse of the Rolling Roles The best things you can say about last night’s six-point loss to the division-clinching Utah Jazz are that it removed the Wolves from the stench of their monumental collapse the previous evening, and set them further along […]

White Soul, White Blues, Beards, Women, and Race

MUSIC A Couple of White Folk The 400 Bar never ceases to amaze me. Somehow their relatively small, dingy and dirty space seems to draw some of the best folk acts in town — and a few more innovative ones at that. Tonight, James Morrison and Jessie Baylin take the stage (not together). British country […]