Archives for August 2007

MySpace Keeps You in Style

Check out the new MySpaceTV Fashion Channel.

Big Brother Bossman

Is Your Boss Spying on You? According to Kim Zetter, of Reader’s’Digest, “It’s legal, it’s happening and it can get you fired.”

Take the Red Pill into the Meatrix

Rake food writer Jeremy Iggers recommends The Meatrix.

Hair of the Hound Dog

So, we’re riding through the Upper Peninsula last night and decided to stop in Hancock, Michigan. Walked into a little mom-and-pop liquor store called The Shottle Bop — I’m not kidding — and right up to a shelf with The King Cabernet Sauvignon 2003, third edition. The bottle features a photo of Elvis from his […]

It's the American Way: Vote, Consume, and Go Mental

FILM Cast Your Vote Today is the final day to vote on your favorite entry for the 2007 Screenlabs Challenge Audience Award. Have your say. Watch each of the short films. Then vote here. May the best film win. ART Consummate Consumers OVERSTOCKPILE is artist Mari Richards’s latest exhibit of “sculptures and installations exploring the […]

A Norwegian Cabernet, perhaps?

My very talented co-blogger Ann Bauer is much too modest and self-effacing to mention this herself, but she just published another terrific piece in, on the impact that global warming is having on the world’s top wine-growing regions. You can read it here.

Another Response to

Rick Edmonds, at Poynter Online, writes about Old Media Meets New in Minnesota.

Legislating Fashion

You know, my disdain for droopy drawers is well documented, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say they ought to be outlawed.

Iggers Makes the NYT

Our very own Rake food writer Jeremy Iggers appears in yesterday’s New York Times.

The Lost Holocaust

Over at Britain’s crack newspaper The Independent, I log on to read the great Middle East journalist Robert Fisk, nearly every day (though he only posts three to four times a week, if that). For insightful and often brave coverage of that quagmire, Fisk is the nonpareil. Here he writes of the Armenian Genocide, the […]