Mina Agossi

Calling Mina Agossi a jazz singer is like calling Michael Jordan a basketball player; it’s technically true but woefully understated. Like the best singers, Agossi makes it abundantly clear that her voice is an instrument, whether she’s working with her own compositions, Ella Fitzgerald standards, or Jimi Hendrix covers (which she renders complete with raucous vocal “guitar” solos). The chanteuse’s majestic voice contrasts with a cool, funny stage presence that is perfect for the intimate Dakota. Her banter between songs can be downright hilarious. At her last Dakota appearance, she asked the audience in her gorgeous French lilt: “What is this Minnesotan dish … the casserole?” Best see her now before she jumps to larger venues. 1010 Nicollet Ave. S., Minneapolis; 612-332-1010; www.dakotacooks.com