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Hi, My Name Is Melinda Jacobs

I have spent the last 15 years working as an entertainment reporter, radio personality, commercial voice-over talent. OK, so I have a hard time using the word "talent" to describe myself, but I am professionally trained in voice, and next time you hear a commercial remember that it’s not as easy as you think to […]

A Man Goes on a Journey, a Stranger Appears in Town: There Are Only Two Stories in All the World

Prentice had changed so much in twenty years. You could stop by the little local historical society at the County Fairgrounds and look at photographs of the way the town used to be, but pretty much every striking thing you would encounter on the walls there had been knocked down –the old courthouse with the […]

I'm Joining the Burger King Boycott

I’ll admit it’s not a big sacrifice on my part — my consumption of Junior Whoppers and Spicy Chicken Patties works out to about one sandwich a year. But after reading Eric Schlosser’s op-ed piece in The New York Times about the giant fast food company’s refusal to pay an extra penny a pound for […]

Superfood Sucks

First, a preface: I am not a foodie. The blander the better. Nourishment, for me, is achieved by daily ingestions of oatmeal and honey, cinnamon-raisin bagels with peanut butter, salted popcorn, and, as of late, Odwalla Bars. I’ve enjoyed these very much because, well, they’ve made it easy on me—“No Refined Sugars,” say the labels. […]

The Tea Lady

If you were casting the role of Tea Lady, you might choose a soft woman with a doughy nature. Maybe you’d pick a spinster who has a serious passion for bone china and a pension for plushy chairs and quiet nights by the fire. Maybe she has cats, lots of cats. Mrs. Kelly of Mrs. […]

Catch Her Tears in Bondage and Chains

DANCEZenon Dance It’s a big month for Zenon Dance Company. For one, they hop aboard the holiday treadmill with their premiere of The Nutcracker According to Mother Goose on December 15. But the company’s signature aesthetic—athleticism and precision, not to mention sophisticated musical tastes—will be better displayed this weekend, at its twenty-fifth anniversary program. Five […]

Mustang Strippers From Mars

A while back, my editor informed me that blog readers enjoy hearing about the author’s personal life. While I remain suspicious about this online axiom, I will admit that I read car magazines. I peruse so many car magazines and sites in a week that it leaves little time for discretion. Because of this, I […]

Pretty Flighty

When friends of ours — dedicated and robust red wine drinkers — dropped by last weekend, here’s what I had on hand: A $100 Hartwell Stags Leap District Cabernet Sauvignon (2002) that someone had given me as a gift [because believe me, this is not in my keep-it-around-the-house price range]. A Chilean Merlot from Casa […]

Dress Rage

Oh, and this other thing: What. the. hell. is with this year’s selection of holiday dresses? The New York Times ran a piece this morning, alleging that the year’s holiday dresses are better tailored than last year’s and, again, that the "baby-doll dress is dead." But everyone I go, I am confronted by ads of […]

Reasonably Promising Shopping Events

For the women on your shopping list: You might have luck at these two shopping events. First off, there’s No Coast Craft-O-Rama at Midtown Global Market. I was cruising the list of vendors and was happy to spot all sorts of great local jewelry-, clothing-, and crafts-makers as well as the clothing/ephemera designer with the […]