My First Rake Mea Culpa

More like a mea maxima culpa. 

In my very first guest post here, I used the Rachel Bliss show at Cliché as an illustration of art works on display in places other than galleries, something that happens more and more here in Minneapolis.

And then I posted the work of the wrong Bliss.

The artwork I posted — and have removed from this blog — came from Rachel Bliss in Pennsylvania and did not appear at Cliché.  We were informed that the images on the site, like many pieces on artist sites, are copyrighted and require permission to use. 

I meant to use some pictures from the Minneapolis Rachael Bliss, who did in fact have an opening at the clothing store in Uptown.   You can now see her images in the original post. 

My apologies to Rachel and Rachael and to Cliché for the confusion.