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What's in a famous last name?

A note to all three of you who read my blog, 🙂 I always get a knot in my stomach when I hear people talking about people in the public eye like they know them so well. People love to to tell stories about people who come from families that are in the limelight, but […]

New Group Blog for Foodies: Chef's Table

In case you haven’t already noticed – we have started a new group blog here at the Rake called Chef’s Table. It isn’t just for chefs, though – it’s for restaurateurs, servers, gourmets, gourmands, wine sellers, cheese mongers, etc. – anybody who is an active participant in the Twin Cities’ lively food scene. It’s a […]

Letters from Eurydice VI

We’re into our final two weeks of performances, so rather than give an account of each, I’ll offer thumbnail impressions of some of our performances to date: FEb 14, VOA Women’s Correctional Facility (Opening Day) The VOA is normally a high-energy audience: lots of commentary and back-talk to and about the actors as the show […]

Any Old Business?

How it is that I…how is it…or, rather, why it is that I…that I seem to keep…or, really, that I do keep, that I keep ending up…that every single night I look at the clock, I look at the clock and it’s two o’clock in the morning, it’s three o’clock in the morning and I…I […]

Myths, Legends, and Revolution

THEATER & PERFORMANCEEurydice Sarah Ruhl, Sarah Ruhl, Sarah Ruhl. We’ve been writing up, and seeing, our fill of plays by this hotshot. Still, we’d be fools not to note the occasion of the regional premiere of Eurydice, the play that made Ruhl a certified superstar (thanks to last summer’s extended Off-Broadway run). This production marks […]

Feb 29, 2008: Leap Day

Sushi: The Naked Truth, part two.

Bandwagons and gold diggers. Once something’s hot and mainstream it will most likely get exploited. As we all know, sushi is hot, and now it’s come to that stage. How can we make it faster, cheaper, and offer more?! This is the general direction for most new sushi bars. To cut costs, frozen tuna is […]

The Joy of Insignificance

Poor Eran Kolirin. When I spoke with the director of The Band’s Visit a few weeks ago, he had been traveling so much that his jet lag kept him from even an hour’s sleep. Then, just minutes before this interview, he managed to whack his head against the door frame of the car that brought […]

A Dearth of Hookers and Blow

It has become quite obvious in recent days that loyal service just isn’t rewarded within the legislature anymore. As recently as a handful of years ago, long-tenured legislators and officials would be shown the public’s appreciation through pompous public ceremonies and the occasional backroom smorgasbord of hookers and blow. But Lindsey Lohan’s rates have gone […]

2-28-08: Back from the Brink of Death/Bucket O' Soup