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Nurses, diesels and douchiness

(Pictured. Douching device (not to size). May also be used for urea replacement in your diesel. Read below). Do me a favor. Take the snarky tone of my blog (is it? oh, is it? please!) and put it aside for a minute. I mean create an Obama and the Preacher (aka bigot) wall between my […]

In Defense of Hipster Literature

I like McSweeney‘s. This may come as a surprise, because I don’t wear tight jeans. And even though I have thick-framed glasses, it’s because I’m near-legally-blind, so if I had puny little wire-frames the lenses would stick out like half an inch, and I’d be all self-conscious about it. You can call my tortoiseshell frames […]

From Devil's Food to the Dark Side

Betty Crocker is perfect. She bakes flawless pies and gives sage advice, such as: "A fricasse without dumplings is like a wedding without a bride." Also, unlike another domestic goddess that we know of, she’s never been in the slammer. It’s easy to be the perfect woman, though, when you don’t actually exist. An invention […]

April 30, 2008: Willie!


One muggy Minnesota morning during the summer straddling the scrawny divide between my fanciful childhood and jaded adolescence, my best friend Robby and I found religion. It’d been hiding, not surprisingly, inside the whitewashed pine chapel of Lake Bronson Galilee Lutheran Bible Camp. Robby and I first met, with a magnetic force, five years earlier […]

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Back up in the 60s

Get outdoors today and enjoy the weather. It’s going to be "mostly" sunny and back up to the 60s. Considering the weather lately, that’s pretty darn good. And when the evening starts to fall, get out and use some of that sun-fueled brain & body energy. MUSICUh Huh Her For a real spring sound, go […]

Magic Minnesotans

The Cloud Cult experience can be called many names. It is captivating. It is overwhelming. It is bone-chillingly pure. It is beautiful. And it is raw in a way that exposes many facets of emotion. It must be the string section. There is something about a lush cello and violin washing over a room that […]

NBA Playoff Update

AFP/Getty Images/Gregory Shamus  Yeah, I know I still owe the second part of the Wolves season recap. But I confess that this steady diet of *quality* NBA basketball has made a return to Wolves-think fairly depressing. I will get to it in the next few days. Meanwhile, here are some thoughts on the playoffs thus […]

Fill Your Tank With Pinot Gris

Back in late 2007, I wrote a blog post called The Seventh Sign: $30 Chianti about a predicted rise in the price of European wines. According to the New York Times, the hike was supposed to hit in three to five months. Right about. . . .now. The exchange rate, oil prices, global economic turmoil: […]

Canoeing With the Cree, too

A half-post: In this morning’s Star Tribune, Nick Coleman writes about two high school students from Chaska who just set off to reenact Eric Sevareid’s epic canoe trip from the Minnesota River to Hudson Bay, recounted in Sevareid’s book Canoeing With the Cree. As much as we might learn about chasing dreams and fulfilling goals […]