Automotive Irredentism

pictured: The Yukon XL—"the national car of Texas"

I recently finished reading a book on TFK terrorism (essentially) called The Bullet’s Song. As pretentious as this lead-in sentence sounds, I really did read the book and, in the process, learned some fascinating words.

Like irredentism. It’s from the Italian for "unclaimed territory." I believe it came into fashion as the Italian poet and social libertine Gabrielle D’Annunzio formed the break-away and short-lived Republic Of Fiume after World War I. Great story. Which leads me to my headline.

I just returned from a trip to West Texas (Houston—close enough). It’s clear to me that people in this part of Texas will not be happy until every last stretch of asphalt has been claimed and/or reclaimed for the largest possible SUV you can put on the road. In fact, it is terrifying to to rent anything less than a Town Car when you travel in this part of the country.

Which makes me fear for my friends in Austin.