Legislatin' Sexy

As the 2008 session draws to a close with no small amount of
pomp and ceremony today, it is a time to reflect upon the marvel that is the
modern democratic process. More particularly, it is a time to think about the
countless hordes of people at the Capitol who toil every day to grease the cogs
in the great machine that is our state government, their pleated khaki pants
and skirts billowing softly in the gentle breeze coming in off the Mississippi.
For it is not just the Sex
who deserves recognition. All who emerge dripping with sweat into the sunlight after months of drafting bills and desperately
searching for common ground – even if that common ground consists simply of
looking across the aisle gazing longingly at a particularly striking member of
the opposition party.

So today, to recognize the profound brilliance, and hotness,
that is our public servants at the Capitol, marks the launch of The Defenestrator’s
first annual "Most Beautiful People at the Capitol". The award recognizes the
beauty and brains of all those who will emerge today on the Capitol steps,
hungry for the alcohol and thousands of hours of comp time that is their due.
And the top 10 most beautiful people at the Capitol, five men and five women,
will receive a fabulous prize package and a photo shoot to be featured here, on
The Rake. But to find those souls most
deserving of this award, we need your help.

Yes, it’s up to you to help determine who the top 10 most
beautiful people at the Capitol are. So if a legislative assistant caught your
eye from across the aisle, if a fetching intern’s work on health care reform
dazzled you in its brilliance, if you were stopped in your tracks by a
strapping researcher with rippling triceps balancing a daunting stack of books
that rivaled any of Hercules’ 12 labors, or even if the dizzying smile of a
Capitol police officer brought to mind fantasies of being "taken in" for petty
larceny, let us know in the comments below (yes, we take anonymous comments) or
send us an email at goldsmith@rakemag.com.
Simply let us know who at the Capitol, from legislators to interns and lobbyists, fits the
bill by Friday, May 30, and we’ll tally the votes.

So before you run off to The Liffey to cope with the shock of
effective legislative compromise, take a moment to nominate a colleague who
toils in obscurity despite their obvious beauty and brains. For what is
politics if not yet another quest for beauty, truth, and possibly someone who
fills out Dockers in all the right ways?