Northeastern Winds

Heliotrope V

Art-A-Whirl weekend is fast approaching, and with that come many exciting events. If you made it out last year, perhaps you passed by the Ritz for their first year hosting Heliotrope, Flaneur Productions‘ annual three-day exhibition of contemporary underground music. Now, mind you, last year wasn’t Heliotrope’s first year — this year marks year five — it was just the first year at the Ritz, to which it will return this year — tonight and through the weekend. So meander on over to Northeast Minneapolis, and plan on spending your weekend engulfed in a sensational art and music extravaganza. Today’s performers include International Novelty Gamelan, Noise Quean Ant, Paul Metzger and Davu Seru, Zak Sally/F.O.S., Tender Meat, Jesse Petersen, Sean Connaughty and Jason Kesselring, and Alexandra St-Germain.

6 p.m., Ritz Theater, 345 13th Ave. N.E., Minneapolis; 612-436-1129; $8 for one day, $15 for a two day pass, and $20 for a three day pass.


If you prefer to start your weekend art and music bliss on Friday, then head for Lee’s tonight for twangy music by Loudray, Eliza Blue, Cadillac Kolstad and the Flats, and Nikki Matteson
and her Ruemates
. I have to give kudos to a band (Loudray) that sends a press release (or at least a myspace invite) with 18 exclamation points. I mean, talk about excitement! That was about 20 percent of their characters. "If you have not yet experienced the power that is
LOUDRAY live, here’s your next chance! Witness the Twin Cities’ best
live band, LOUDRAY!!! Be There!!!"

Thursday May 15th!!! 9pm!!! Lee’s Liquor Lounge!!! $5!!!

Are you excited?

Techno Textiles: Inner Space to Outer Space

And for a little art appetizer with which to wet your whistle prior to the weekend’s art saturation, check out the new exhibit at the Goldstein. Techno Textiles: Inner Space to Outer Space examines the world of specialty textiles and how these innovative materials are being used by leading designers from around the globe. It sounds quiet interesting actually — something different: protective clothing, intelligent buildings that dynamically respond to the environment, luminous wall interiors, interactive digital displays that are part of furniture upholstery, and fabric balloons used to ensure interplanetary probe vehicles land safely on the surface of Mars. Wow! The exhibit runs from May 16 to July 27, but the opening reception is this evening and features a panel discussion with Su Sokolowski of Nike and Mary Carey of Procédés Chénel International.

7-9 p.m, Goldstein Museum of Design, 241 McNeal Hall, 1985 Buford Ave., Saint Paul; 612-624-7434; free.