Hüsker Dü EP Release Party (Really!)

Hüsker Dü J.C. Memorial EP Release Party &
Film Exposé

Snap up a lil’ piece o’ Twin Cities music history tonight at
Grumpy’s! Minneapolis’ own original punk rock royalty, Hüsker
, are releasing a super special, super limited edition EP containing three
live songs recorded in 1982-1983. Why here, why now you ask? Well, Hüsker Dü
recently lost a dear friend, J.C., and as tribute they’ve released this little
gem. A pretty epic memorial if you ask me! You’ll also get to rub elbows with Grant
, who will have not only EP’s for ya’ll, but limited edition posters for
the event designed and numbered by the man himself. Add in a little old-school
Hüsker Dü video footage put together by Mr. Rick Fuller, lots of cool people,
some artery-clogging bar food (here’s lookin’ at you, Cream Cheese Burger), and
you’ve got yourself one hell of an evening. Maybe if you ask nicely, Grant will
even sign
your chest
. It’s worth a shot!

10 p.m., Grumpy’s Bar
, 1111 Washington Ave., Downtown Minneapolis,


An Evening with Marion Ross Hosted by Nancy

Did you know the Mom from Happy
is from Minnesota? I didn’t. Did you also know that after Happy Days Marion Ross went on to rock
the Broadway stage and make a ton of movies? I didn’t know that either. Well,
despite my obvious lack of knowledge when it comes to Minneapolis noteables, I
still know a cool event when I see one. Tonight you’ll see clips of Marion’s
work – and not just the ones of her making the
a sandwich! The real highlight will be listening to her tell
stories about growing up in Minnesota and her long career in the TV and Film biz. Not only a fun tidbit of Minnesota fame and fortune found, but also an
inspiring recount of one sucessful woman’s amazing journey that will appeal to
aspiring actors and the general public alike. Oh yeah, and Happy
fans too.

7pm, McPhail Center for Music Auditorium, 501 South
2nd Street, Downtown Minneapolis, Free


The Alice Project: An Installation of Curious

We all need a bit of whimsy in our lives, and the folks over at
Steven’s Square Center for the Arts know it! In celebration of the 150 year
anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s dark fantasy tale, Alice in Wonderland, the SSCA delivers a charming visual
exploration that will delight art appreciators of all ages. Over a dozen artists
lent their creativity to this imaginative project that features
clever interpertation of Caroll’s original vision. Wander through a maze of
giant Alice-inspired props created by the artists and learn a bit of the history
behind this well-loved tome. Want to make an evening of it? Whether you’re with
the fam or a date, reasonable (and nearby) eatery Salsa a La
is always a cute stop for some Monday night Mexican. The Alice Project runs through August

1-5pm,Steven’s Square Center for the
, 1905 3rd Avenue S., Minneapolis, Free