Everywhere Signs Fall

photos by Rose Johnson Finally, for my last blog post here at The Rake, we have rehearsal photos. Above: Paul Cram and Tracey Maloney. See more below. Everywhere Signs Fall — "The most exciting play you’ll see all year!" I actually do believe this to be true, but I’m willing to put it out there […]


No pictures from the rehearsal yesterday. We forgot. Too many other things came up. Hopefully, we’ll get them tonight, and I’ll post them tomorrow — which will be my last post and where I’ll make a final pitch for you to pick up that phone and make a reservation. I suspect that hearing how the […]

The Play That Won't Go Away

This play, Everywhere Signs Fall, has been around my life in some form or another longer than any other play I’ve written. When I was 24 and still more of a person who said he was a writer than a person who wrote, I remember sitting at a bar somewhere with my girlfriend-at-the-time and the […]

Things are Looking Up

I’ve got to remember to bring a camera to rehearsal so I can post some pictures on this blog. Right now, imagine a photograph that is so cool it makes you want to see Everywhere Signs Fall at Gremlin Theatre. I don’t care what you picture as long as you trust your imagination and call […]

Minnesota v. Chicago Actors

I’m from Chicago. Chicagoans are different than Minnesotans. Everyone is different than Minnesotans. OK, everyone is different than everyone, but I live in Minnesota now, so Minnesota is what I think about. When you move to Minnesota, everyone warns you about the passive-aggressive thing. So, you nod and think that you’re prepared. But you’re not […]

Investigating Accidents On Stage

Everywhere Signs Fallis about a brother and sister who travel around the country investigatingaccidents. They interview and record people who have experienced accidents thathave changed them somehow, then they pack up and head to the next town. Whenthe play begins, we see Juliet and Jeremy interviewing a down-on-his-luckbartender in a hot, seedy motel room in […]

First Day of Rehearsal Jitters

Rehearsals for my play at Gremlin Theatre begin this evening. For a playwright, rehearsals are the beginning of a particular kind of hell. For an actor, rehearsals are sometimes the best experience of the play. Anything is possible in a rehearsal room. You don’t know the character yet. You start crawling in to the skin […]

Big Box Theater

A few months ago, while walking along the Stone Arch Bridge with a friend from Manhattan, the bright blue Guthrie Theater looming above us, I realized that Jean Nouvel’s big new thing might be one of the few places in Minneapolis that would actually impress a New Yorker. So we wandered into one of its […]