Fangs, Fur & Forgiveness

The werewolf’s life has never been easy. But the complications of twenty-first-century living often result in even more confusion and frustration. Fortunately, a few sessions with a qualified life coach can help today’s lycanthrope adjust to those inevitable crises of confidence. OWN YOUR ASPIRATIONS. Werewolves often lack a sense of purpose in their lives, personally […]

Imperfect Mitch

Mitch Hedberg is one funny dude. But his shtick—the stoner who’s mistaken the stage door for the restroom or exit—might be affecting his career trajectory. Dope logic and delayed response time is funny to a point, but it’s maybe not the best business plan. Strategic Grill Locations, the self-produced 1999 concert CD Hedberg had printed […]

Funny Business

It’s the start of another four-week run of stand-up comedy classes at Stevie Ray’s School of Improv, the eponymous training center Steve Rentfrow named for his comedic alter ego. He does a pretty good Cosby impression, a bit that is intended to make a point about imitation, the fifth of what’s just been defined as […]