Oh, My Aching Cat!

A lot of the house pets that arrive at Morningstar Healing Arts are like aging athletes with sports injuries. They come in limping after chasing a rabbit to the end of their tethered leashes, or suffering hip dysplasia and joint malfunction from jumping in and out of cars and climbing on and off furniture. “Ergonomically, […]

Pep Personified

Nancy Nelson was a blur as she readied her new shop, Our Little Secret, for its grand opening a few weeks ago. She had lots of help transforming the storefront, which is across the street from the former Lyndale Garden Center in Richfield. Aged relatives stuck price tags on bric-a-brac. Daughter Susan and grandchildren Sarah […]

Park 'n' Pray

At the former St. Croix Hilltop Drive-In Theater, on Sunday mornings from Memorial Day through Labor Day, the Cougar lies down peacefully with the Mustang, the Falcon with the Sunbird, and the Cobra with the Impala. These worship services, held by Trinity Lutheran in Stillwater, are the longest-running show at the Hilltop, which is about […]


I’m only telling you this personal detail about my wife because you have to be aware of it to understand the whole story of how I came to find myself playing volleyball with an Elvis imitator in the nude. e So here it is: My wife has a perfectly formed body. That’s not bragging, just […]

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Rated “R” for Dirty Situations

Attention, restroom patrons. Please do not assault the tall, dark-haired, suspicious-looking man taking pictures in there. He is not a deviant who will soon be cackling over his snapshots like Richard Widmark in Kiss of Death. Jon Thompson is the co-founder and creator of Restroom Ratings, a pithy online guide to public conveniences. He is […]

Take It Off

It’s Saturday night at Lili’s Burlesque Revue, and Sweetpea is center stage, vibrating her derriere like a paint shaker at Home Depot. The diminutive brunette’s dance routine is a combination of kooky showmanship and gymnastic prowess. Arriving onstage in a frumpy 1950s housecoat, bath cap, and cat’s-eye specs, she peels off the Grandma outfit layer […]

Space Station

Wynne Yelland and Paul Neseth are partners in Minneapolis’s design firm Locus Architecture. They recently set down what looks like a spacecraft over by Cedar Lake. It is a polycarbonate-walled, metal-roofed, four-bed, four-bath, postmodernist machine for living. They call their sleek structure Nowhaus 01, and it stands out from the ramblers and cottages on its […]