Running Against Type

The idea of a footrace in North Minneapolis seems to inspire two reactions from residents of other neighborhoods: incredulity and concern. “Do you want to get mugged?” “Are you wearing a flak jacket?” And, of course, the simplest question: “Why?”   It is no secret that North Minneapolis has a reputation as one of the […]


There is Shakespearean language, with its grand soliloquies and sonnets. And then there is the language of David Mamet, who made his name by elevating everyday speech into an art form. This fall, The Jungle Theater brings those trademark machine-gun sentences, stutters, and profanities to the stage with Speed-the-Plow. . Jungle Artistic Director Bain Boehlke […]

Super Night Shot

If you happen to be wandering near the Walker some evening this month, do not be alarmed if you’re accosted by a young European wielding a video camera. This is merely part of the “War on Anonymity” waged by the Gob Squad, a performance art troupe whose members hail from the U.K. and Germany. One […]

Mina Agossi

Calling Mina Agossi a jazz singer is like calling Michael Jordan a basketball player; it’s technically true but woefully understated. Like the best singers, Agossi makes it abundantly clear that her voice is an instrument, whether she’s working with her own compositions, Ella Fitzgerald standards, or Jimi Hendrix covers (which she renders complete with raucous […]

La Bohème

The Minnesota Orchestra finishes its 2007 Sommerfest series with Puccini’s immensely popular La Bohème. The opera is a staple of classical music fans’ collections. But its arias and plotline also are familiar to the uninitiated; after all, Rent and Moulin Rouge are but two examples of popular modern takes on the tale. This production features […]