In at the Ground Level

Before she got into it, Sonja Tengdin thought her kids could scoop dog poop for money. “We started talking about it at the dinner table,” she recalled, winding around Lake of the Isles en route to her kids’ school one recent morning. “I said I’d pay them ten bucks. They refused. Then I thought, I’ll […]

Animal House

For years, Como Zoo has been the cheapest way to kill a Saturday afternoon. The zoo is one of the last vestiges of free entertainment in the cities. While enjoying this last ember of civic-minded fun, concerns inevitably arise about the welfare of the zoo’s inhabitants. It has long been fashionable to worry about the […]

Slick & Mired

As heads bobbed lazily in Cedar Lake, the Mud Man hopped along, letting the regulars at Hidden Beach know, “It’s ready.” He greeted late arrivals with a formal welcome: “Good afternoon!” On the right day, when there’s just the right amount of water in the mud, the mixture sucks your feet in and produces hilarious […]