Lionel Shriver

Novelist Lionel Shriver has built a career around characters of intense complexity and raw connection, but The Post-Birthday World’s perturbed Irina, a London children’s book illustrator, is perhaps Shriver’s most thoroughly explored and convincingly drawn protagonist yet. To cheat or not to cheat? wonders Irina as she grapples with choosing between her devoted partner and […]

tectonic industries: the desire to stay versus the inevitability of change

Typically, the word “tectonic” refers either to the construction or deformation of our planet’s foundational materials. For lars jerlach and helen stringfellow, it’s a little more specific: As tectonic industries, a collaborative partnership, their artistic goal is to build around collective mainstream memory—then tear down the modern desire for instant gratification. How does that translate […]

Crispin Glover — What Is It?

I should have known better, having so many questions about a film with an elusive question for a title — and cult actor Crispin Glover as writer, director, and supporting character. I know, I know. But Glover describes What Is It?, a film featuring a number of actors with Down’s Syndrome, as "the adventures of […]