“One Day, One Night, Saturday’s Alright!”

Jim Gaulke sat down for a quick chat at the Bryn Mawr Coffee Shop. Brian Hazlett, the shop owner, put a lid on a to-go cup and followed suit. Both wore button-down shirts and jeans. Hazlett wore a baseball cap. Sipping coffee at the window table, they looked like decent, responsible citizens, family men even. […]

Anatomically Incorrect

Annie Neeley is a former Rochester courtroom sketcher and police composite artist now living in Florida. She’s been working on this one guy for quite some time. When she met him, he was attractive enough, but hardly dream man material… more of a fixer-upper, really. At first sight, Annie knew she was up to the […]

Smoke and Mirrors

For decades now, cigarettes and hospitals have not mixed. Long before any clean-air act or tobacco settlement, there were islands of exiles—many of them standing sheepishly in scrubs—outside the whispering doors of the ER. Paradoxically, smoking persists in one place inside the hospital: the psych ward. There are reasons. When smoking is banned in psychiatric […]

A Beautiful Mime

You cannot get a Mikael the Mime Happy Meal at your local drive-thru window. There are no Mikael the Mime pacifiers or chewable vitamins on sale at Target, and there are no Mikael the Mime video games that teach your pipsqueaks to blow up extra-terrestrials with a Mikael the Mime machine gun. Mikael Rudolph simply […]