Plastination: The Populist Approach

Dr. Gunther von Hagens’ plastinates have taken over the Science Museum of Minnesota; The Rake proposes taking them into the streets. What better way to raise awareness–and spur body donations for von Hagens–than to “plastinatize” some of the glorified lawn ornaments that masquerade as public art in the Twin Cities?

Fashion As It Happens

Minnesota’s climate may not be conducive to driving Vespas, Stellas, Lambredas, and the like, but the local affection for geek-chic certainly is. That’s why Scooter Du, the annual parade and convention for vintage scooter enthusiasts, is such a happening affair. We crashed the party to get pointers on cultivating the look, and found inspiration in […]

What does your winterwear say about you?


How to Prepare Your Snowblower for The Winter

But you should still protect your investment! Here are some tips for extending the life and enjoyment of that silly, useless contraption. Prevent snow from falling in the first place! Throughout the year, you should start and run your snowblower for a half hour at least once a week. This will ensure you’re doing your […]

Texas Exodus

There are days when Morrill Hall, the main administrative building at the U of M, seems like a beehive of activity, and other days, usually in the summer, when it seems like a morgue. On the day President Mark Yudof announced he would be leaving for Texas, it was both: A solemn mood hung over […]