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Lynne Truss

We run in circles where people can get into rather heated discussions about prepositions and commas and such. Luckily, we also understand that these topics don’t exactly rock the coolness meter for most. That’s why Lynne Truss’s sassy grammar manual, Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation, caught our attention. It was […]

Dirty Blonde

In the realm of legendary twentieth-century blondes, who looms largest, Madonna, Marilyn, or Mae? We’d vote for the brassy, bossy, up-front-and-in-control Ms. West. So, apparently, would Claudia Shear. In her 2000 play Dirty Blonde, the early-American sex bomb inspires a connection between a librarian, Charlie, and an actress, Jo, who explore their love for each […]

Aimee Mann

Aimee Mann has made several unusual but ultimately inspired moves in her career, including writing the stunning soundtrack to the film Magnolia and co-founding United Musicians, an organization that allows artists to retain copyright ownership of their work. Musically, with her smoky jazz voice and sharp, melodic pop sensibilities, she can hardly do wrong with […]

Organics, Continued

WAR VS. DIPLOMACYIn defining “deep-organic” agriculture, Eliot Coleman sharply demarcates his position, but ultimately, and unfortunately, isolates himself in contradictions [“Can Organics Save the Family Farm?,” September]. He notes how metaphors of war and conflict have distorted farming, but then he falls into the same trap himself, seeing the conventional agriculture establishment as an implacable […]

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