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Peter Ackroyd (Foreword) and Peter Boxall (Editor)

Here’s one of those big, fat books that seem designed to either shame you or make you feel daunted, if not entirely stupid. The title is a scold, really, masquerading as a title—is that “Must” truly necessary? And an idiot can do the math: Are you realistically going to find the time to read 1,001 […]

Brand of Sky Blue Waters

Growing up on the East Side of St. Paul in the sixties, I always took Hamm’s beer for granted. The giant brewery was simply part of the neighborhood scenery, little more than a dependable source of jobs—at least until the seventies, when it was sold and started succumbing to fickle consumer tastes and corporate mismanagement, […]

Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis

Ever since Wynton Marsalis seized the reins of the JLCO in the early ’90s, both the orchestra and the organization have been hallmarks of supreme scholarship and top-notch quality control in the effort to enshrine jazz as America’s classical music. The only danger was that Marsalis would smother his project with love, favoring hermetically sealed […]

Post-Art Paranoia at the Soap Factory

Here’s a cool night for you: wander through the Soap Factory’s amazing 99 dollar sale and then, around 8:30, head on out for that masterpiece of paranoia, The Parallax View, part of Take-Up Productions and S.F.’s “You Were Never Here” autumn film series. I’m not DeSmith, but I’ll put in a plug for the art […]

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