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The Poop on Perky

Never Google yourself. You might find something you don’t like, and it might bum you out. I’m saying this, of course, because that is exactly what I did, and exactly what happened. I wish I were a stronger person than I am, but I’ve been thinking about this random critique from this random guy ever […]

Holiday Trey: Too Much LeBron

Home Game # 6: Cleveland 97, Minnesota 86 Season record: 1-8   1. Shoddy Shaddy After the Wolves had been LeBronned by 11 Wednesday night at the Target Center, Coach Randy Wittman said in edgier, more frustrated tones what Antoine Walker had calmly laid out after Minnesota’s previous loss Saturday night. There’s no fight in […]

Defeating our army

My cousin was in the Army, stationed in Germany during the cold war. His duty for a while was commanding an anti-aircraft battery. He described it like this: “I commanded a $58 million missile launching system. I had a lifer sergeant, who really knew his stuff, but the men who actually had to aim and […]

Sick weather fare

Today, the Friends of the Minneapolis Public Library embark on a film series to explore the life and influence of Frankenstein director James Whale. Use it to tide you over since you missed last week’s screenings of Infamous… Me, I’ll be at home, still trying to nurse this crud-of-a-cold.

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