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Demolishing Modernism

The first 30 feet of Fairway Drive run between six-foot hedges before halting at an iron gate. Visitors who activate the callbox are asked to identify themselves and the residence to which they are traveling. If the visitor has been invited by someone behind the gate, the iron bars swing open with a soft, slow […]

Plastics and the Cool Factor

Bakelite was invented in 1907, cellophane in 1913. Thus emerged the age of plastic, a substance that has since thoroughly invaded our kitchens, cars, and body tissues. But utilitarian doesn’t have to mean ugly. The best designers have used this medium, in its seemingly endless variety of forms, to create sleek, colorful gadgets that bring […]

What is a Conservative, Exactly?

I have a new respect for the lady [Katherine Kersten, as profiled in “The One-Woman Solution,” February]. Does the Star Tribune know that they have readers in out-state Minnesota that may be conservative? What is your definition of “neo-con”? That word is thrown around and many people have no clue what it is. I think […]

What I Learned from Erica Kane

I think it’s time you knew: I watch a soap opera. Not every day, not even every week, and never, ever in real time. (Not only is it a depressing thing to do at noon, I simply can’t stomach all those commercials for floor cleaning products and maxi-pads with wings.) What I do is record […]

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