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Lofty Ideals

We were a little disturbed by the explosion. All around the city, there was a sudden, violent eruption of elegant apartments, lofts, row-houses, and condominiums. And it wasn’t just along the Mississippi or in the Warehouse District. It was where a gas station had stood at Fiftieth Street in Linden Hills. It was where something […]

Not Turn Away, Not Fade Away

Again and again we put our sweet ghosts on small paper boats and sailed them back into their death, each moving slowly into the dark, disappearing as our hearts visited and savored, hurt and yearned. —Jack Gilbert, from “Kunstkammer” Another flower shall spring, because the soul of sweet delight can never pass away. —William Blake […]

Girl Power!

ART Japanese Visual Culture: The Power of Girls’ Comics Shojo Manga! Girl Power! East and West is an internationally touring exhibition that celebrates the evolution of Japanese comics for girls from the postwar era to the present. Manja are Japanese comics. Sojo manga are Japanese comics for girls. These comics reflect the evolution of social […]

Last Word

So now we’re freakin’ enough for a KARE11 Extra? Batten down the hatches, the world of dining is under siege! There’s nothing but tater-tot hot dish on the horizon … why have we been forsaken? Good God. Three restaurants closed. It does not signify the coming apocalypse. Franks-a-Million closed. Remember how the city burned and […]

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