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Is There An Echo In Here?

What the hell was that? I am sorely in need of some consolation, brothers and sisters. A weekend without baseball, followed by a train wreck in the Motor City, has left me sitting here listening to Skip James with my head in my hands (well, my head was in my hands, but I had to […]

Connubial Bliss

There were five people at my wedding: Me, my husband, two witnesses, and the minister—our roommate Eugene. Eugene is a minister of the Universal Life Church, a group that supports freedom of religion and says they will ordain anyone. It takes three minutes and can be done over the Internet. But the website warns, “This […]


Seven years in the making, Water has finally landed on our shores, and it was worth the wait. Shelved after its sets were destroyed by fundamentalist Hindis and the director Deepa Mehta’s life threatened, the production resumed years later in Sri Lanka with a new cast. Water is the story of Chuyia, a precocious eight-year-old […]


October is the kick-off for eating season. As the weather gets chillier and damper, our bodies crave that extra layer or warmth … and that means baking. One of my favorite October things is when all my windows are open and the house is freezing, except for the kitchen which is ablaze with baked goods. […]

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