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Pat’s Baby

I found it very interesting that your July article was promoting Pat Awada for sainthood [“Is This Woman Ruining Our State?,” July], not mentioning any lasting effects about what her plan on reducing aid to the cities would do to the Metropolitan area. Your August article on the cuts to the Minneapolis fire department did […]

Why can’t I be a “Super Lawyer?”

Like Moses coming down from Sinai with the Ten Commandments hot from the hand of the Almighty, Minnesota Law & Politics publisher Bill White will soon give us another Minnesota “Super Lawyer” list. The chosen will be revered among lawyers (or at least that is what they will tell their clients to justify higher fees). […]

Festivals Abound

It’s going to be a weekend of festivals, and many of them are starting tonight, to warm up the crowds and peak your interest. There’s a lot to do, so pace yourself, but be sure to get out of the house. This is no time to be sitting in front of your computer. FILM by […]

Starting Out in the Evening

Remember those days when you would wait for your parents to leave the house so you could invite your girl- or boyfriend over for an evening of videos and cheap wine and illicit sex? Well, here’s a funny thing. Those days return, when you’re 42 or so. . . .You discover there’s a Friday evening […]

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