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Gay Marriage? Get Used to the Idea

Until the late sixties, in much of the country, the pigmentation differences between my wife and I would have made us felons had we tried to get married. According to one Virginia judge in 1959, “Almighty God created the races white, black, yellow, Malay, and red, and he placed them on separate continents.…The fact that […]

Head to Toe

In Russian, “bolshoi” means “grand”—in the word’s fullest sense of being both huge and fine. In every other language, the word has come to be associated with the fabled excellence and grand spectacle of the dance troupe. When the Bolshoi Ballet Company arrives here for two rare performances of Swan Lake and four of The […]

Rain Taxi Celebrates Issue #50 at the Keg House!

SPECIAL EVENTRain Taxi’s 50th Issue Celebration RainTini, the newest libation of choice among discerning literary Twin Citians. Not to be confused with any Sex in the City über-hip cocktail, the RainTini is but one of the attractions at tonight’s Rain Taxi 50th Issue Celebration. The big 5-0 party will be held at The Keg House, […]

Waiting For Godot

For all its imposing reputation as the play where nothing happens for two hours, Waiting For Godot is Samuel Beckett’s most accessible play, as you might have seen if you caught the recent PBS production of his collected stage works. There’s a famous story about its enthusiastic reception from an audience of hardened lifers at […]

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