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Not Turn Away, Not Fade Away

Again and again we put our sweet ghosts on small paper boats and sailed them back into their death, each moving slowly into the dark, disappearing as our hearts visited and savored, hurt and yearned. —Jack Gilbert, from “Kunstkammer” Another flower shall spring, because the soul of sweet delight can never pass away. —William Blake […]

House of Anything You Wish

I came here to lose. But the wheel won’t let me. Once again I pile all of my chips on three. People gasp. What are the odds for winning eight straight-ups in a row? Fools! Don’t they know wheels do not hold memory? That math and luck never go together? With roulette, every spin is […]

The Killer in Me

Our distaste for the sordid fare of daytime cable TV news may not be well documented–now that would really be wasting your time–but we do get interested in some of the more broad-ranging dinner-table conversation about what gets played large and what doesn’t. About a year and a half ago, our man Clinton Collins had […]

Gaviidae Commons: Where The Boys Are

It’s nearly impossible to find a decent men’s jacket these days. Last weekend’s hunt yielded fashionable versions from Neiman Marcus (the $1,200 one by Etro, for example) and comparatively affordable options from Off Fifth (a Valentino clearanced at $600). But alas, I am not paying for what boyfriend wears to little brother’s wedding this weekend […]

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