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“No, man, you cannot divide by zero!”

Many years ago, someone scratched these words on the metal divider of a men’s room stall in a pizza joint near Hamline University in St. Paul: “Anonymous dialogue is a means of sanity.” The self-reflective statement could hold many meanings. It might look inward to the author’s motives—one can almost hear the sigh of mental […]

Best of India

Clock-watchers in the St. Louis Park area can’t wait to get over to Best of India’s stellar lunch buffet. There’s a palpable feeling of escape, as diners sample a spread that encompasses more than twenty items. The non-buffet menu is also stacked with winners, including nine different kinds of buttery tandoori breads. The beef vindaloo […]

Like Petting a Packaged Ham

I’m standing at the Dairy Queen on Snelling Avenue in St. Paul, waiting to order a chocolate cone. Ahead of me is the new American nuclear family: two boys, a father, and a mother cooing to a Chihuahua clutched to her chest in a front-loading doggy knapsack. A few weeks later, Us Weekly runs a […]

Chop It Off

My squat little body houses a record number of physical calamities. If you have read my latest published story, "Pharma Chameleon," (in the March issue of The Rake) you already know that I’m pretty much a bubble boy. My latest impediment is a Pterigium (kind of like a nasty veiny weed) on my right eye. […]

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