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Carole King

Those born too late to truly appreciate Carole King’s 1971 classic, Tapestry, might believe that her greatest contribution to pop culture was Really Rosie, the soundtrack for an animated show based on Maurice Sendak’s children’s stories. Catchy numbers like “Pierre,” the cautionary tale about a snotty boy who was eaten by a lion, and “The […]

What I Always Wanted To Be: A Revision

I always wanted to be the gun on the table in the first act. I always wanted to be the mysterious stranger arriving in an unfamiliar town with a sack full of magic corn. I always wanted to be the troll who lived under the bridge and the wise old man on the mountain. I […]


According to a study conducted by the BBC, McDonald’s is the corporation with the least favorable image on the Internet. It’s not looking so good for this multinational in theaters, either, with documentaries like Super-Size Me and McLibel revealing that under the Golden Arches, it’s not just the food that’s bad. McLibel tells the story […]

The Boobie Brigade Sweetens Things Up!

BENEFIT EVENTThe Youth & Boobie Brigade Bake Sale Join the Youth and Boobie Brigade for a hip and tasty event at the 7th Street Entry to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation and other breast cancer research charities tonight! Conceptualized by Lauren Manke and Louisa Podlich, The Youth and Boobie Brigade will participate as a […]

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