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Of Wolves and Men

Hosannas to the artist-designed initial caps and the stories/poems [17 Voices literary supplement, April] that followed, aimed at lovers of literature and libraries and books and life. Oliver Nicholson’s fragrant essay of ancient library information and memories reminds me to emphasize as well the Hill Monastic Manuscript Library, located among the monks of St. John’s […]

Make That 'The Meal Deal'

God almighty, did you see poor J.D. Durbin’s pitching line for the Diamondbacks last night? It was mind boggling: two-thirds of an inning pitched, seven hits, seven earned runs, and a walk (2007 ERA: 94.50). This wasn’t a mop-up performance, by the way; Arizona brought Durbin into the game in the eighth, trailing 4-2. It’s […]


When you develop a fondness for a particular magazine writer, sometimes you begin to realize that you share their interests. Not many writers, of course, get to write about what interests them. In the never-ending battle to put food on the table, writers must deal with very high levels of rejection and frustration. When you […]

Francesca Lia Block and Carmen Staton

Judy Blume wrote books about teenagers who felt like freaks in their changing bodies; Francesca Lia Block writes about the kids who truly are freaks, and proud of it. Block writes for adults with the same hazy sense of unreality and suspension of propriety as she did in Weetzie Bat, her story of an adventurous […]

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