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So Much Trouble in the World

ACTIVISMNot One More Death — Not One More Dollar Unhappy Anniversary! (Assume a Shakespearean tone, but don’t fail to take the rest of this seriously.) Today marks five years since the invasion of Iraq. With Iraq falling out of the headlines and becoming nothing more than a platform point in a most engaging presidential primary […]

Kung Fu Hustle

The newest in an increasing number of must-see films from Hong Kong, this extravaganza set in the glamorous and ruthless 1930s is a funny, eye-popping homage to Bruce Lee, Grease, and a thousand special effects. Aspiring gangster Sing longs to join the Axe Gang, which rules the city’s slums and casinos with a commanding combination […]

Sup like a steelworker

The latest Parasole restaurant opened for dinner last night in Maple Grove. It’s called Pittsburgh Blue, named for the way he-men in the Rust Belt eat their steak: charred on the exterior, cold and bloody inside. Why, you may ask, is a restaurant geared toward steelworkers located in the pink collar capital of the Midwest? […]


Early Berleson had long since grown accustomed to the static routine of his middle years. He would sleepwalk through the day at work, make his way home in a sort of empirical blackout, and then, eventually, the night would just fall out from under him and leave him floating in murky space, listening to the […]

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