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It's A Damn Fine Day To Be Inside

First off all, it’s all already a blur, but were those really the Suburbs I saw playing “Rattle My Bones” out there on the field at the Dome before the game? I like that idea. I like that idea a lot. I also very much like the idea of the Twins taking an early lead […]

Some Questions for our Fearless Leaders Precipitated by the Precipitation of the 35W Bridge

More interesting than the news of the bridge collapse itself is the immediate attacks going on in the blogosphere by liberals and conservatives blaming each other for blaming each other. Here’s how it’s going so far, in case you have other things on your minds: liberals suggest that we should have raised taxes by now […]

The Singing Detective

The original Singing Detective, Dennis Potter’s 1986 BBC miniseries, was one of those bizarre and unrepeatable triumphs of pure creativity over the strictures of narrative form-a hallucinatory mix of noir film, paranoid fever dream, and Fosse-esque musical that built up and intertwined layers of story just so it could rip them apart and recombine them. […]

Hormel Girls

After World War II, when most U.S. businesses emphasized hiring male war veterans, Hormel Foods hatched an unusual plan to employ women. Of course, these women tended to be less needy than attractive—not to mention talented. In fact, from 1947–53, a troupe of sixty female employees from the Austin-based company, known simply as the “Hormel […]

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