SaveWCAL Wins a Victory for Public Radio Supporters and WCAL Donors

Despite strong opposition, St. Olaf College sold its WCAL 89.3 FM radio station and Rochester’s KMSE 88.7 to MPR for a reported $10.5 million four years ago. Unfortunately — or fortunately, depending on who’s doing the talking — St. Olaf College was holding about $3 million in endowment funds for the station at the time […]

Woebegone Me

illustrations by Brian Barber The Rake gains access to one of public radio’s most celebrated—and feared—geniuses, Harrison Taylor, the mastermind of A Prairie Groan Companion and all subsidiaries, subdivisions, copyrights, and service marks thereof. Since this is a pure work of parody and satire (we couldn’t decide what the difference is) any resemblance to living […]

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