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Midwest appeal

All the Pretty Horses

Looking at the Little Things

Nope, not paper, it’s microfiche. These intriguing photos come from Mickey Smith, who’s making a photo collection by combing through microfiche located in Minneapolis Libraries. Very cool. (Oh. And in case you might be too young or have never worked in a Library, here’s what it is.) [via]

postcard power!

How cute is this girl? I bet her rock band just shreds. While gig posters might be the hot and hip way of promoting, postcards and small fliers for upcoming shows and events can also catch people’s eyes. And because of their small size, and because they’re in every bar nook, cafe cranny, and downtown […]

Rachel Bliss at Cliché

Minneapolis-St.Paul is a Midwestern oasis for the visual arts. In fact, we here in the Twin Cities have visual arts all over the place, damn near everywhere you look… or where you aren’t looking, as is often the case. The visual arts don’t just hang at big name institutions like MIA or le Walker and […]