The Unlubricated Hand of Government Intervenes Again

The status quo is almost always a warm, comforting feeling. No matter how often people complain about Minnesota’s interminable winters, or Cyndy Brucato’s mummy-like visage staring soullessly from KSTP evening newscasts, eternally hungering for the blood of Amy Hockert, they would still be profoundly disturbed these constants were suddenly stripped from their lives. This is […]

Let's Do the Time Warp Again

In Godzilla movies, fallout from a nuclear test or some other significant disaster often awakens the monster, or one of his rivals, wreaking untold destruction upon Japan, like so. Here in Minnesota, we’re just starting to see the true fallout from the February 25 vote to override Gov. Pawlenty’s veto of the DFL transportation bill. […]