Uh, Start Here: Missingchildrenmn.org

I will share Clinton Collins’ outrage over the alleged disproportionate amount of coverage given to the Dru Sjodin abduction if he can provide the name of a young female university student of color who was abducted from the parking lot of her part-time employer in Minnesota/North Dakota. Does the fact that I can’t think of a single incident prove Collins’s point, or have there simply not been similar cases? The claim that there is an increase in the uproar over this crime because the suspect has “swarthy” skin color is ridiculous. What concerns many people is that our criminal justice system allowed an untreated convicted violent sexual predator to commit another crime by not providing for indefinite incarceration. Finally, Clarence Thomas was not a competent candidate for the high position to which he was eventually confirmed. His incompetency had nothing to do with his race but rather with his lack of demonstrated experience and intellectual depth. If those who objected to his confirmation had broached these matters, they would certainly have been accused of racism. The allegations of sexual impropriety were made by a black woman who was consequently crucified through unfair and untrue allegations by the right wing proponents of Thomas’s confirmation. Does Collins have a concern about the racist condemnation of Professor Hill?
J.M. Workman, St. Paul