An Ascetic X-mas?

The person who has nothing—there’s one in all our lives. Perhaps they’re bereft of worldly possessions by divine will or karmic revelation, or maybe they’ve simply “downshifted” into intentional thinglessness. Either way, these folks can stump even the most discerning gift giver! Our “Aught for Naught” gift basket is the perfect answer. Also a good choice for that annoying aunt who’s forever carping about the “secularization of the holy day.”

Walking stick: Our collapsible “staff of life” is hand-carved in your choice of gopher wood, cypress, or olive

Stone-ground mustard plaster: Or “poultice.” It’s just fun to say!

Helmut Lang hairshirt: Hand-loomed using yak hair gathered by Mongolian craftswomen, tailored with Lang’s incomparable long, lean cut

Ecumenical holy water: Blessed by a full complement of religious authorities: rabbi, yogi, imam, priest, Hindu and Buddhist monks

Salt: Edible and tenderable, our fleur de sel is
collected on the shores of the Dead Sea by seven vestal virgins

Aerospace-grade titanium fish hooks: Teach a man to fish, and he eats… a lot of tartar sauce!

Flint, steel, and char cloth: Don’t wait for Prometheus to find you, grasshopper! Flint doubles as a razor,
if hairlessness is your path

Twice-baked amaranth crackers: Hearty and historically correct

All packed in our signature basket: woven in the authentic Egyptian dynastic tradition with hand-harvested reeds from the banks of the River Nile