Alec Soth and Andrei Codrescu

These kinds of “dialogues” can be iffy—what if the subjects simply don’t click, or, worse, kind of irritate each other?—but this looks to be an inspired pairing. Everyone wants to know what Minneapolis-based photographer Alec Soth is up to these days, since last year’s Whitney Biennial made him an art star the likes of which are not usually seen around here. And we can’t think of a better person to chat with him about that than Andrei Codrescu, the Baton Rouge resident, novelist, poet, NPR commentator, and all-around impressive yet accessible intellectual. For one thing, both of these guys love traveling; among other topics, they’ll discuss their journeys along the great waterway that connects their respective home bases, as well as Soth’s recent trips to another watery icon, Niagara Falls. 612-375-7622,