Justin Kirk

We thinks the Ivey Awards made a peculiar choice in having Justin Kirk co-host its first annual awards party later this month. Although Kirk just wrapped up a summer run of Entertaining Mr. Sloane at the Jungle Theater, he appears more frequently on the large and small screens these days. (You can catch him on Weeds, Showtime’s new series about dope-dealing in the suburbs.) But he spent his formative years in Minneapolis, studying at the now-defunct Children’s Theatre Company School before heading east, which might explain why Twin Cities thespians have invited him back. (Apparently, despite our thriving theater scene, that old coastal inferiority complex persists.) We caught up with Kirk and asked him to envision life far, far away from both Minneapolis and L.A., where he now resides. Being a true actor, he had no trouble imagining himself as a castaway, although he expressed an extremely limited interest in any ventures that would take him away from his adoring mom–er, fans. Here’s what he wants to bring along:

1. One carton of Camel Lights. I’m really excited about this desert island deal, as it will greatly assist me in quitting. I will, however, have to wean myself off the cigs slowly, and I think 200 final cigarettes should do the trick.
2. One lighter. See above. Plus, unless there’s good takeout, I’ll probably have to learn to cook and do fire-lighting and the like.
3. One plasma flat-screen television. I mean, c’mon. I can tack it up on one of the wider palm trees and away we go. Hopefully this particular area has a good cable company with, like, MTV2 and all the movie channels. And I’m probably gonna need some adult videos, as I assume desert island means the dating pool is fairly limited.
4. One platform stage with decent lighting rig and sound board. This seems like a great time to finally do my one-man show with no pesky critics to ruin everything. (Though hopefully, there’ll be at least a little bit of press that I can clip and send to my mom. I wonder if my publicist has an office out here?)
5. One first-class plane ticket back to the U.S. I can’t stand desert islands and I’m only gonna be able to rock this trip for a few days. I like cities with newspapers and radio stations and people I don’t know walking around on the street. Also, I’m out of cigarettes.

The Ivey Awards will be held September 26 at the Historic State Theater, 805 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis; www.iveyawards.com