Smackdown: Tippi v. Birds

Ladeez and Gennulmen:

Tonight, at the Bell Auditorium, as part of the distinguished Science on the Screen program, we have Hitchcock’s The Birds. Bring some popcorn of your own making, get a few glasses of cheap wine or fancy beer down your gullet, and a cardigan (the place is cold) and settle in for one of Hitch’s most acclaimed thrillers.

I might be there, if only to try, again, to figure out what all the fuss is about. Many of my favorite critics think The Birds is up there with Vertigo and Rear Window, which seems like unbelievable bullshit to me. Maybe the big screen will open my eyes to something I’ve missed before.

Anyway, since rep cinema in this town has gone the way of the Stanley Steamer, this is a good opportunity to check out a classic–by someone’s definition–on the big screen.

The Birds shows tonight at 7:00pm, admission $7 for adults, $5 for members and students who ought to really graduate and get on with life. Directions here.