My Favorite Holiday

If only we could ditch the Turkey.

Thanksgiving easily trumps all other Holidays at this point in my life. As a kid, the two week Christmas vacation with presents and the week long Easter vacation with a fun egg hunt overshadowed the four day weekend and “kids’ table”.

With the advent of adult cynism the luster of Christmas has been slowly wearing off since at least my sophomore year of college. The unbridled materialism that hits you at every waking minute coupled with the demands of seeing every single relative of yours as well as your significant other (with divorced parents for both, this is compounded) always makes me both tired in just about every way.

On the other hand Thanksgiving now brings only the bit of stress of cooking with family members as well as four glorious days off with little commitment to other events or get togethers.

Maybe it will change when I have kids. In the meantime, bring on the Turkey.