Ode to Sun Country

I have flown six times in the past year – three times on Sun Country and three on the “major” airlines. The experience on the the two is so different it is almost laughable.

Apparently, Sun Country lost money last year. For some reason I thought it was making money. It is not hard to see why it would. Every flight I have taken has been on time in both directions this year. On the major airlines, conversly, I have had minimum delays of two hours on 5 out of the six flights I took. Two hour delay 85% of the time – it is absurd. And while I was waiting I could tell I was one of the lucky ones on the major airlines – I actually got on the flight I was scheduled to be on. I could not believe the amount of people around me that had been at the airport all day.

Sun Country’s free meal is about what you’d expect on a flight, but compared to the $5 snack box on NWA it is a king’s feast.

On my most recent flight – which was before the holiday weekend – I boarded a major airline exactly two hours late. While waiting I thought about Sun Country’s recent announcement of expansion. I hope it doesn’t lead to the same problems. Right now before I check any other flights I check if Sun Country goes to my destination. I’d like to keep it that way.