Go Pack Go

A trip to Lambeau field to watch the Vikings play the Packers would be a highlight of the year for any real football fan. I don’t quite fit that level, but with a father that grew up in the U.P. (thus making him a Green Bay fan) I didn’t even realize until I got to college that you can’t really be a fan of both teams. So when offered the chance to go to the game while visiting my girlfriend’s family in Green Bay over Christmas, I jumped at it.

I had been an avid fan of the Vikings first and Packers second growing up. Not this avid of course, but I did my share of yelling at the T.V. Now though I cherish my free time too much to spend Sundays watching anything except and occasional matinee. So I’m left with catching news and some games while I’m out and about.

The game was about as ugly as one can imagine. And my one hope of seeing Favre throw seven touchdowns to tie the record didn’t happen. He didn’t even throw one. But Lambeau did not disappoint. Though it rained on and off throughout the game, I had a great time crammed in between some Packer fans and Vikings fans. The rhetoric was suprisingly civil with each side yelling that the other side sucks and each responding “I know”. In the end the Packers pulled out an ugly victory and I had to admit I was a little disappointed even though I had told my girlfriend I was rooting for them. I do hope Favre comes back next year. He’s so close to two records: TDs and INTs.