How Do You Judge Time?

Yesterday I had one of those zen moments while doing laundry. What if I judged the passing of time not by weeks and months but instead by laundry loads. How many laundry loads old am I? If I had to hazard guess it would be about 852. That sounds a lot wiser than 29 years old. Maybe that’s how the bible kept track of Methuselah’s age.

I remember physics classes in High School, where I learned that time is relative. So why shouldn’t I keep track of it how I please? I would love the flexibility of judging time by laundry load. I could call a client and say I’ll have that for you in one-and-a-half loads. But since I choose when that is, I could fit in some leisure activities. At least till I ran out of clothes.

There may be some better ways to judge. By vacations(most people do this already). Or maybe by meals. I am 31,245 meals old.

How old are you?