She leaped over somethin'

Katherine Lanpher reads from her new memoir Leap Days this evening at Magers and Quinn. I just finished up the book last week. This one I devoured, mostly on account of its provincial delights. I used to work at Theatre de la Jeune Lune, for one. And Lanpher spends much time unpacking her failed marriage to former Jeune Lune artistic director Vincent Gracieux. There were a few references to local media types too, and I picked up on at least one Strib ex-pat. (John Habich? Was that you?) But I kept waiting for her to mention, oh, I don’t know, perhaps that much-publicized DWI. Or maybe the other man she fell in love with while still married to Gracieux–she only grazes the surface of this one. But I’d be similarly guilty of omission if I didn’t say that Lanhper has a knack for a conversational writing style that rather sucks you in. What’s more, I enjoyed wading through her feminist musings.